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Returning again

Hi, well I have returned again after umpteen false starts.

No excuses just a weak will.

So here we go again day 1. joined in 2007 longest quit 9 months.

My real problem is any bit of stress I cave in and the all smoking thing starts again, so I need to learn how to overcome the stress or at least control it.

I really do want to stop and i know there is only myself that can do it, with help from the forum. Joan x

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Hey, I completely hear you re the stress thing. I'm terrible at that too. I think you just gotta completely retrain ur brain (if you find some miracle way of doing this, pls do share). Cool that ur quitting again, thats something to be proud of right? We have to completely see smoking in a whole new light. We're brain washed from all kinds of media that it is hard, you needs loads of willpower, it will get you down blah blah blah and inevitably, all that information convinces us that it MUST be hard (and it can be) but what WE have to do, is ignore all that and just get on with it. Go against all that negative propaganda and tell ourselves that it doesn't have to be such a hard feat to quit the cigs.

State of mind plays a large part and for me, its not as much the nicotine addiction as it is the pyschological side of it. It plays games with me!

Good luck (not that you need it, you'll do it!) and I shall be joining you and everyone else in quitting the nasty horrible cancer sticks come Monday!

Well done.


hi maddy,

I concur with all you say, I have always been a stress head and to be honest having a cig does not fix it in fact I think it makes it more stressful thinking about another cig. I know when I am out shopping and it's raining and no where to go to lit up, so then start rushing to finish my shop so I can get home and light up.

I hope your quit goes well on Monday and I will look out for you.



all the best joan!! you must keep on trying till you get it right!

stress is a big trigger but remember no matter what when you quit, life will always happen!! we support ya all the way so keep strong!!:)

it is a learning process!!


Hi Karri , yes that's me don't

Know about the attractive bit though but thank you anyway.

I want to do this karri , I am fed up with failing all the time.

maybe this time fingers crossed.

How are you doing Karri I know it as not been an easy ride for you, but your support for everyone is amazing.

Love Joan xxxx


hi am a quitter, thank you for your support, I will get there.

And well done on your quit.

I agree life is full of stress and smoking does not make it better.

I will really do my best this time to succeed.

Joan xx


Welcome back Joanie. Great to see you trying again.

You CAN do this. You CAN!!!

Helen x


Hi Joan, this is a new quit for me. I quit for 13 years until a year and a half ago. In that 13 years i went through phenomenal amounts of stress. It didn't even occur to me to smoke . This is not meant to sound sanctimonious! When i quit then, before i stopped for all that time, i seriously genuinely believed i couldn't cope with any stress without a cigarette. The Alan Carr book dismantled that belief for me.

At least this time around (i fell into the trap this time of "fun" smoking...Doh!) I know that i don't need to smoke to cope with stress.

This is a long way around of saying, you don't need to learn to cope with stress (well, we all do, but thats a different thing) but you do need to seriously ditch the BELIEF that you can't cope with stress without smoking. You really can, you just don't believe you can.

Before my first long quit, i spent 6 years trying and failing to give up. Every time I got a bit pissed off, or had stress in my life...i went straight down the shop and bought cigarettes. The alan carr book isn't for everyone, but it really helped dismantle my belief system. When i then managed to quit for 13 yrs i coped with divorce, death, a degree, more death etc etc and never even thought about fags.

This time around i've gone back to the book (i tried reading it early on, but it didn't do it for me. then tried hypnotherapy etc) again to get rid of my new belief that smoking is fun (doh! again).

So, you will get there. No one started and stopped more than me in the past. Never lose faith in your self, even if you've lost all credibility with everyone else x


Hi Helen, I am like a bad penny, but I do need to turn things around.

I have been fine today and if everyday was the same it would be great.

But I know there will be good and bad days and have got to get my head round this. I am going to try and post every day and if I am having a bad day I am going to ask for help and hopefully forever be a none smoker.

I want to get to the place where you are so wish me look.

Love Joan xxxx


Hi hilary, wow thirteen years.

Well done in your now quit, I have a copy somewhere of allan carr that someone gave me quite a while ago I will have a look for it and have a read.

I am up for most thing if it will help me quit, and I do agree with you about the stress thing, I said to my husband this or that is stressing me he replies

no it's you that's making youself stressed, I now think he is right.

So going to do it this time.

Thank you Hilary great advice.

Joan xx


Hiya Joanie. Good to see you back again. You will get it eventually because you're a tryer. Just keep on going. Sent you Pm. David


Hi David, i need to try a little bit harder don't I, and I will I promise.

I am going to post everyday to keep me on track.

Thanks for being there.

joanie x


Hi Joan

there's a big alan carr, and a thinner one...the thin one might be best. I have an ex who tried to read the big one, and couldn't remember what the beginning was about by the time he got to the end ! x


Hi Hilary, I think it is the thin one I have so I will find it tomorrow and have a read. Joan x


Best wishes on this quit, Joan :)

Hope you can 'get' Allan Carr as he does write some excellent advice. Many have augmented their quits with his writings and made successful quits.


hello all

good luck to everyone on day 1 or day whatever in reference to allen carr to make life a lot easier and technilogically advanced there is now a dvd and audio out now as well the audio cd is on i think 6 to 8 cds and the dvd is about 2 hours long i have watched it several times infact at the beginning of my quit i was watching it every day i have recently rewatched it when i was going thru some bad pangs and thought i would fall but it has put me back on the straight and narrow i am in the process of uploading it to rapidshare if anyone is interested



One month, one week, one day, 13 hours, 38 minutes and 14 seconds. 2374 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,210.78. Life saved: 1 week, 1 day, 5 hours, 50 minutes.


just wondering if it would be ok for me to post some links for download easyway video



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Hi Gra

I'd really appreciate those links...I think that would be good. I went to one of the courses last year, having panicked that the book wasn't "working" for me this time. However, now, a year on, i'm ready to go properly again and using the slim book. But, think online stuff from him would be good too. 4 ....keeping on keeping on!


Hi Karri really nice to be back, I am late posting this evening been on a girls night out but none of the girls I have been with smoke so no temptation.

Feel ok as yet so fingers crossed.

Love Joan


for all that want them and hillary here are the links if ppl think i should i can make a new thread with them to make them easier for everyone else to find

THE DVD MOVIE IN XVID should play on most dvd players and all pc's

THE AUDIO BOOK (5CD'S IN MP3 format)(i listen to this in the car)

1 click links

*** these are not my links ***



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