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Just moved up have been quit for four weeks, the cravings are definitely less, I have been cold turkey for 3 weeks odd. The main feeling I have is of loss, like i'm missing out on something. Cooked this morning for dinner party ,felt I needed a fag break halfway. I understand what is going on but the feeling stays with me, don't get me wrong not running to the nearest shop for cigs. Is it this feeling that makes people smoke again after 6 months, how long does this feeling last??It must come to an end otherwise nobody would quit long term. Any way off to bed smoke free - tomorrow is another day.


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Hi Jonny

Firstly well done on your achievement, three weeks and going strong is just brilliant.

I don't think the feeling of wanting ever leaves completely, but it changes and becomes much easier to deal with, like an old random memory you can just flick away. Someone on here has in there sig that the thought of a smoke is infinitly more appealing than the reality will ever be. As long as we all hold that thought then staying quit long term should be easier. Keep up the good work!!


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