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Farewell day 5. Hello day 6

Hi everyone and hoping you are all doing well. Day 6 for me and pleased. Only had 3 lozengers today been delaying them and enjoying an extra strong mint . Enjoyed a pepperoni pizza and garlic bread no cravings. Just nice to taste and enjoy. Sipping water i also find is good and also good to cleanse the system. Till tomorrow then and will be on day 7. Jacqui. PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THE NOPE GROUP.

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Hi Fleetwood, your doing good:D Your a couple of days in front of me so you best not let me catch you up;)


That's great Jacqui - well done, and no going back now!


Jacqui. :D:D:D


Good on ya!!!

I am coming to the end of day 5 and I have found today hard, I havent stopped all day. Washed the cars, 3 loads of washing washed dried and Ironed, Hoovered dusted, the wife thinks its great....

Cant wait for work and gym tomorrow.:)


Thanks everyone:), I know how you feel Darrin I did a load of washing myself today and had the tumble drier on, back and forth to the kitchen. But was well worth the effort.

I am going to have to watch my eating habits though, as this morning went through 3 bags of crisps, all different flavours too. And then a cake. I have got to stop that before anything else really. Biscuits are another one of my favourites too, and I made some mince pies last week and a fruit cake, my Hub was pleased. But hey its all in a good cause... keeps me busy.

Have a fabulous week everyone and will be posting tomorrow.:D


Last cig: 14/11/11 at 19.30pm



Well done Jaqui,

I too am coming to the end of day 6, found today very easy. I dont think I even thought about smoking at all.

Tomorrow will be a test, I need diesel in the car.......

Went to the gym for two hours this evening, worked so hard I was sick. I love that feeling.

Well done, day 7 for me tomorrow..


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