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Craving pretzels!

Hi my name is Becky and I have tried to stop about 5 times. The longest I have quit for is only 6 weeks (pathetic I know). Well, I am doing it cold turkey but have this mouth spray handy if need be.

Off work this week and the husband is away with work (he smokes a lot too), spending lots of time with my 3 year old son and feeling quietly confident so far.

Have a big bar of chocolate ready and a large bag of pretzels!


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Hiya Becky,

Well done for giving up, I'm only on Day 3 myself and using patches. The most I've ever giving up was 3 months. I think 6 weeks is a long time...just remember why you started smoking again and try to do things differently this time round. For me, I lost my job and thought smoking would make me feel better, guess what, it didn't. It made me feel like more of a loser...I for one, want to be a winner. We can do this together, each day at a time. I have a young son too and just keep thinking that I'm doing this for him as much as for myself. I'll smell nicer and live longer, our children deserve this. Stay strong.



Craving Pretzels!

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the reply and well done on day 3. I totally agree that we have to think about our kids, my chest aches all the time and I am constantly out of breath. How have you coped with the early days?



Well, I'm using 21mg patches which takes the edge off. I don't know whether I'm just cheating using NRT but I just couldn't give up by going cold turkey.:eek:

I find the craving worst when I'm not doing anything, I think a lot of my fags were smoked due to boredom so I'm just trying to do anything that will keep me busy...sad but that usually involves cleaning the house or going on this forum to read the threads when I feel a craving coming on. The first day was easy for me as I literally couldn't smoke anymore. I've got bronchitis which got to the point where it was so painful to smoke. I ended up at the docs and she said it's my bodies way of saying enough is enough and I should give up and because I'd done about 8 hours without a cig by then I thought "yeah I've gotta try to quit again". I put on a patch and now it's day 3. I know when I feel better I'm going to want a cigarette all the more, but I really and truly can't go back to smoking...I didn't even enjoy them anymore and the frequency of "bad chests" were increasing.

My son is 3 as well and he was noticing my smoking a lot more, I just felt awful when he said "mommy's just having a cigarette"...really cringe worthy and shameful. Oh hum, so at the minute I'm drinking more fluids, water/coke/tea (not too much caffeine as I won't sleep though) and unfortunately eating more but trying to eat fruit so I don't put on too much weight, keeping busy and posting on here if I'm struggling. It all're doing great. Smokings just isn't worth it...someone else on here's said to me "why do we actually pay to shorten our lives?". Crazy really, what a mad addiction. All the best, see you in Day 2.



Hi Becky,

Most of us try to quit smoking several times before succeeding, so don't worry about previous attempts, concentrate on THIS time cos you CAN do it:D

The longest I have quit for is only 6 weeks (pathetic I know)

I haven't even got to six weeks yet, I am nearly at the end of my 5th week and the LAST thing I feel is pathetic:eek:in fact I am very proud of myself.

Stay with the pretzels:D and frozen grapes are good too, less calories;)

And Lisa, using NRT is defo not cheating, I am on Champix cos I couldn't have gone cold turkey either. It doesn't matter how we do it, just that we do.




Hi Becky

I've had lots of attempts too, anything from 3 years to 3 weeks, but forget wasn't the right time.

Now is, and do whatever it takes (chocolate, pretzels, reading about what you're going through, posting here) to stick with it.

The cravings will go away and bad days will become less.

Take it one day at a time

Good luck




its never easy but if you can do six weeks you can stop forever!!

would buy an extra bar of choclate (just incase:p;))


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