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Day 6 on Champix

Hi there, been lurking for a while and thought it was about time I jumped in the water and said hello!

I'm Kim, I'm 32 and I've been a 20 a day smoker for about 13 years now. Started smoking at 19 - old enough to know better, I could kick myself.

So, I'm on Day 6 of the Champix and all I feel so far is sick!! I have faith that it will kick in though - please tell me my faith is not in vain! :confused:

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Hi Kim and welcome to the forum!

I've not used Champix myself (gone for NRT), but I can say that a lot of people on here have found it really useful. I think, a bit like NRT, it takes the edge off some of the cravings but doesn't do everything for you - still has to be a bit of willpower / the right mindset.

Well done on making the decision to quit :)

Jen x


Hi Kim

I'm taking Champix. I quit on day 15 of taking the pills. In the 2nd week it definitely kicked in more, I smoked a lot less and stopped wanting to smoke in my car for some reason.

I was still dreading my quit date, but the thought of it was a lot worse than the reality. It DOES take the edge of physical cravings, in fact I hardly had any. This second week some psychological cravings have been strong. Yesterday was my worse day (day 13 of no smoking), but today is good.

So what I trying to say it they'll be good and bad days, but with some determination you'll get through them.

Prepare as much as you can.

You WILL be ok!


(smoked for 30+ years)


Hey Kim,

Champix user here....5 weeks and stil going strong

From what happened to me, I felt nothing until day 8 and 9. That was when they started to taste like ash. After that, you will smoke less, and eventually none at all. But in the first week you should find nothing but ill stomach and wicked or bad dreams....

Stick with it. You will find it gets better.

I wrote a lot of posts on my story with champix so far...might be helpful...i wrote them to give an honest and open experience using it.

Stay strong, this community is a good one! We can help talk you through it



Thanks everyone, it's really useful to hear of other people's experiences and I look forward to getting to know you!

This morning I thought I would see how long I could go without a cig. Usually I would have one almost as soon as I wake but this morning I had a shower, straightened my hair, did my make-up, got dressed, made my lunch, had breakfast....and then I had my first cig. Big improvement, but it did mean I was ready really early! Didn't know I could do all that so fast!!


Hi Kim

Sounds as if the Champix is starting to work. I assume that you have set a date to stop? If not, then I would do so. Some people have just waited to stop wanting to smoke in a more passive way, but you will still need to own that decision. After that, it shouldn't be too bad.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


I've set Saturday to quit (day 11) and we have all sorts of nice stuff planned to do.

However, I think the Champix has just kicked in. Had a cig in the car on the way home and got home and threw up. I feel so sick. Had to get hubby to get rid of the ashtray in the living room because just the thought of it nearly had me heading back to the bathroom.

I'll probably have another this evening (I know, I know) and I'm really hoping it has the same effect!! xx


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