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Ten months today


Not smoking is easy now. I never thought it would be but I have at last reached the stage where not smoking feels the natural thing to do. I can never be complacent, but as long as I don't give in to a whim then I think I've really cracked it.

Unfortunately I'm at a very miserable place in my life right now and am finding it hard to care much, but still it's a milestone worth mentioning.

New quitters, keep going, the freedom rewards you for the pain, tenfold.

Helen x

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Congrats on 10 months hun. I agree with it feeling so natural now not smoking but like you said we can never be too complacent. Anyhow 2 months to go till you reach the penthouse. Well done again



Hi Helen

Even in this time of tragedy in your life you have still found the strength to maintain your quit.

Your depth of character is something to be admired, you are an inspiration...

Huge congrats on the milestone, long may it continue....:D


very well done for staying strong... you should get an honoury place in the penthouse early for your achievement this month. x

Well done for your 10 months hun, looking forward to mine in a couple of weeks. But well done especially with your problems. Hope I am as strong as you when I need to be.

A very well done to you Helen even though times are hard at the moment. My admiration goes to you for staying strong.

Take care. x x

Don't know how I missed this one.

A big congratulations Helen - at least this smoking thing is one less thing that you have to worry about. And there is Christmas in the Penthouse to look forward to as well.

My thoughts are with you Helen.

and really happy to hear youre heading towards the PH.


congrats helen!! so sorry for all you've had to endure. you have proved to be a strong women and someone to look up to!! thanks for alaways being there when needed!! happy 10 months to you hun!!:D

i agree that it is like no longer an option for me to smoke...i no longer feel the urge..the freedom and health i have recieved is well worth the couple of months of hard work....it has finally paid off!! 10 months for me on novemeber 1st...1 year here we come!!:p

Well done Helen

what an achievement. Life has its ups and downs , and your not smoking is a defenatly big UP getsmile.com/emoticons/smil...

Keep going and I hope the rest will get better for you.

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