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Day 3 underway

Hi everyone,

Just found this forum and what a good idea it is.

Im on day 3 now and using 21mg NiQuitin patches and I USED to smoke 30+ a day for the last 15 years. As of late I have been getting worried as I have been smoking more and more and when I think about how much I had been smoking and try and cut down it just made it worse then I would smoke more...

So I made up my mind to quit on monday so had my last fag on Sunday night and its not been that bad I get quite a few cravings but I just take the dogs for a walk or just get on with something to take my mind of it and touch wood its not been as hard as I thought it would be. :D

I quit a few years back for 7 months yes 7 whole months :mad: and stupidly thought that I had totaly beat this smoking lark. When I would go out to the pubs ect I would just have the odd half fag off a mate and remember how rancid fags where in the morning think its nothing not get any cravings for them and think that im totaly in control...Week later do it again. Then a few weeks down the line Id have a full fag again with no problems but this became a regular thing and then I would buy 10 fags for when I would go out and only smoke them when I was out but slowly but surely I would have a fag at home when having a beer then the excuses start building up as to why I should have one and before I know it im a full time smoker again.

This time IS going to be different I learnt a valuable lesson there NEVER think that you have won I have made a deal with myself not to have even one drag of a fag be it 1 year or ten years down the line as its never as good as what you remember it is.

So half way through day 3 and so far so good. Im planning on using these patches for the first week then going cold turkey and just kicking the habit into touch for the remainder.

All the best Adam.

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Hi Adam, welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. It is a good reminder of how powerful the nicotine addiction really is and that even one puff will eventually lead us back to full-time smoking. I am early into my quit and have sometimes thought 'maybe I can get away with just one', but I know deep down I can't. After all, I wouldn't buy a pack of 10 and throw 9 of them away would I? No. I am so sorry you lost a 7 month quit but I know you will make it this time. As you know, Day 3 is the hardest so once you get through today things will get easier. I am nearing the end of my 4th week and however tough it has been I am actually starting to enjoy not smoking now:) Great feeling:D

So I wish you all the best with your quit, and keep posting on here as there is plenty of support.



Hi Adam

I start day 3 in 30 minutes too. I also quite for 6/7 months and then 6 weeks ago started on 1 or 2 here and there until last week when I was up to 10 a day. I have read so much about once you have had one its only a matter of a month or two before you are back up to your previous level which for me was 30/40 a day. So here I am six weeks afters after cocking up about to start day 3.

Hope you keep strong and we both learn from our past mistakes good luck to you :D


Hi Adam

Well done getting to day 3

I started smoking after 3 years of quitting and have made various attempts in the last 3 years. Hopefully I've learnt something from each "failure", I know my triggers and maybe this time round I can deal with them without reaching for a fag.

I've now stopped for 10 days (on Champix and this Forum!) It DOES get easier (as you know)

Good luck.



Thanks for the replys everyone.

Day 3 is ment to be the hardest day but for me its been the easiest day 1 was way harder. I have been very busy today not stopped untill now just got in 5 mins ago. So maybe that has helped but today I have been around smokers in a small workshop working next to someone who is smoking. He did say he would smoke outside but I wanted him to smoke so I could see how it would affect me and it didnt bother me at all. Inbetween his smokes I got the odd crave but nothing major I could easly have give in today and borrowed a fag off him.

I cant remember last time I quit as good as what I would have liked but im really not struggling at all so far maybe my mind is made up that I have no intrest in smoking 30 fags everyday.

If it gets easier day by day then I am really confident I should sail through this or maybe its going to hit me a few days down the line the big moments where your brain is screaming at you to spark one up....hope it stays away.

My plan is to use the rest of this pack of patches up 4 more left then just cold turkey it or do you lot think im being a bit too cocky dont want to ruin it and end up smoking again.



Sounds like your doing really well:D

My plan is to use the rest of this pack of patches up 4 more left then just cold turkey it or do you lot think im being a bit too cocky dont want to ruin it and end up smoking again.

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I don't think you are being cocky at all, my opinion is that if you use patches then you are still feeding the nicotine addiction. And we all have to go through the nicotine withdrawal at some point. But then that is just my feelings. Trust your own instincts and you will know what to do is what I say. And you do sound so comitted. So enjoy your quit!!



Hi Adam

Well done a getting this far!

It is strange the hold smoking has on us, even more amazing how quick it regains it's hold if we allows it!, as is the case with your seven month quit.

Trying to "Cut" down is NOT an option here's


The road you are currently on is the rite road, stay on it and your WIIL reap the rewards.

Stay Strong


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