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8 months! so proud

Guess what 8 months yesterday I, YES ME!!!! packed in those horrible cigs.

Never ever thought I could but I did. It wasn't easy on times but I grit my teeth, dug in my heels and slowly but surely it got better.

I think I have over come all the triggers now, and hardly think about smoking even when stressed, and even when having a drink with smokers!

So all you newbies it can be done and so worth it.

:D Maria. x

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well done betty boop its a good place to be


Thank you Boo you will soon be in the penthouse. x


Well done Maria, eight months is great and you deserve it too. Two thirds of the first year done, onwards and upwards. David


Go Betty Boop!!!Whoop Whoop!!!

Way to go Maria!



8 Months Is Terrific!!!

Hello Maria- So Happy to read your post!!!

8 Months Is a wonderful amount of time to have not smoked.

Your body will be so much better for not having to be subjected to a constant stream of (basically)poisonous chemicals.

And Surely you must feel so much better for it.

Well done,Maria...I'ts So Worth It!!!!



Well Done !!

Hi Betty Boop / Maria

Good On Yer ! Well Done 8 Months is Brill !!!

Just wanted to say thanks for posting, you don't realise how encouraging it is to see post like yours for us newbies :cool:

(I'm only 4 days :rolleyes:)

Keep up the excellent work !


Well done for staying strong, huge congratulations to you Maria

Tracey xxx


well done betty boop



Well done betty boop


Congratulation's Hun, 8 months that's bloody fantastic. :)

Just think only 4 more to go and we will meet for the first time in the penthouse.

Anyhow glad you have got over most of the triggers now and hardly ever think about them, it is def so much nicer being a non smoker than a smoker and you have been an inspiration to many on here with your helpful posts etc.

Anyhow take care and those last 4 months well they will fly by! :)


Congratulations Maria, that is SOOOO FAB:D

And like dragon says, it is really encouraging for us newbies.

Well done,



I would like to thank everyone for your kind wishes, and special thanks to Alex, David, Jo, Tracey, Karri, Gaynor, Jack, DD, Helen, Boo and so many of you in the beginning, [ my apologies if I have left anyone out ] without you I truly think I could not have done it. This forum is the best!!

To all you newbies it can be done!!! even after 35 years of smoking:eek:

Maria. x


Keep this good news makes me feel fantastic.

X x x x x x mash x x x x x


Thank you Mash will do and you keep going your doing so well!

Maria. x


Hooray! :D :D :D

Fabulous news. I'm so chuffed for you xxx


Congratulations Maria, you've always had a word of encouragement for me throughout these past 5 months and I'm delighted for you. Onwards and upwards my friend, I'll see you in the penthouse!!! xxx


A big Ooh Boo Bidoo to you!

Very well done.


Thank you Karri, Helen, Blondie, and Mrs T.:)



congratulations Maria, I am in the second week, hope to get there by summer 2012...


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