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Just needed to hear you

Hiya All,

I've been quit (cold turkey after about a week of gum) since around 10 September.

It's been OK..Except I've been REALLY short tempered..My other half nearly left!!

Got over that about a week ago but now, all of a sudden, I'n gagging for a fag.

I know it comes back to bite you. Last time I was on here seriously (about 18 months ago) I lost a 4 month quit. That time I spent a long time on the puffers and that's why I've dived pretty well straight in this time.

It's been great to read how everyone is getting on. Everyone has up and down moments.

All the best to all of us.

Let's keep on!

Love to all,


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Hi Bill

It is funny how the cravings come and go... I arrived in London today to find the circle line (underground) closed, meaning that I would likely miss my connecting train and would have to do a lot of walking. Having a ciggie to ease the stress didn't even cross my mind. Other days, watching TV is enough to bring on a craving!

Anyway, well done on having another go at quitting - keep up the good work! :)


Hi Bill

my cravings came out of nowhere. But it will get easier and eventuelly you wont get any.

Your doing well :D


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