No Smoking Day
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Proud ex-smoker :)

Hi everyone,

I have not been posting in a while for a simple reason that I've read before that week 3 was somehow difficult by almost all members and was scared that the same will happen to me.

Thank God I'm doing very well and I do not miss smoking at all. I'm done with it. What I need to do now is work on quit eating :(

I guess I must educate myself and convince my brain that food is dangerous same as smokes :rolleyes:

Good luck to all of us.



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Well done Jana - it's good to hear you sounding so positive!

I became an absolute gluton for the first several weeks, but it is calming down again now without much effort on my part. Just got to lose that extra stone and all will be well!


It will get easier

Im on week 5 and I wanted to eat all the time first 3 weeks but you still need 3 square meals a day. I dont care if it is week 10 but the last 2 days I can tell Im turning a corner kind of like a race.


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