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Day 25 - Am I in Meltdown ??

Day 25....

Feel like crying every 5 I depressed ???

Don't normally suffer from low moods. Didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Generally feel like what's the point in life. Can't cope at work, can't concentrate, can't interact with my colleagues. Can't face life at all today.

I feel trapped.....I don't want to smoke, but I don't want to feel like this either.

Why the hell do I feel like this after nearly 4 wks :confused:

I don't think I felt this bad on Week 1 ??


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Sorry to hear you feeling like this,

The body and the "quit" are two very strange "Animals!, the only advice i can give is to tell you to stay strong and hang in there you have done so well to get to day 25 just grin and bare it!

The day will soon be over and with it, all the trash that came with it :)

Stay Strong


Hey there,

You're having a bad day, but it's not total meltdown, if you don't allow it to be!

I had a few days like this around the same time as you. I think once the initial thrill of the quit rubs off it can get tough for a while. We have to readjust to a whole new way of living without cigarettes. We've been so used to filling every gap, rounding off every thought, rewarding every effort, and suppressing every emotion with a fag, it takes a lot of readjusting. Sometimes when we're low it seems like it would be easier to slip back to the way we used to be.

Don't do it, because I promise it will get easier. It feels like you've lost something but you haven't, you're in the process of taking back your life, so hang in there. Not smoking WILL become the new normality, and it's such a better one.

I recommend chocolate. Always helps me!

Helen xx


Aw Pip,

So sorry you are feeling so bad today, but you said you don't want to smoke so hang onto that. It's strange, you are 3 days ahead of me in your quit and I was feeling like you are now 3 days ago, we seem to be running on parallel lines at the moment. Maybe it is just part of the process? I won't say tomorrow will be better because if anybody had said that to me on Tues/Weds I would have screamed at them -

"whaddayameanyastoopideejititwillneverbebettaiwillalwaysfeellikecrap" and believed it too!

You are doing so well so BE PROUD OF YOURSELF:D Can't you treat yourself to something nice to cheer yourself up? Erm, I don't suppose you would like the book 'HowTo Knit Your Own Cat' to read? (ducks to avoid Pip's fist coming through puta screen ready to punch my nose:eek:)

Stay strong Pip, you know we are all behind you and hope you feel better soon. Take care,

Zoe xx


Hey Pip,

I'm so sorry to hear how you are feeling. Look back and 25 days is a long time. If you are questioning if you are depressed, speak to your doctor or, who knows, maybe letting it all out here can ease some of the pain. You said it yourself, you dont want to smoke. We are here if you need us!



Hi Pip,

I'm sorry you're feeling so down.

Have you been feeling like this for most of the time, for a couple of weeks? If you have, then I would speak to a doctor.

Sometimes the nicotine in cigarettes can mask underlying symptoms of depression, which then come out once you stop.

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk. I've had depression for a long time so I might be able to help.

Jen x


Thanks guys.

Don't know what the ffffff is wrong with me today ????

Not sure if it's related to dropping my patch size down on Weds or if I am just having a "non-specific" type meltdown day.

At least I have stopped welling up at every opportunity this afternoon, and I can now see the point in living which is much improved from this morning :eek:

It's the closest I've been to thinking that smoking again is a good idea, if nothing other than to take these "doom" feelings away, fortunateley my logical brain is still alive somewhere, otherwise I would have cracked today.

So hope this has gone by tomorrow, not sure how much fight I've got left but I'm giving it everything I've got today ! :mad:



Hi Pip. Trust that logical side of your brain - it knows what it is talking about!

I'm glad you are feeling a little bit better now. Maybe it is to do with dropping your patch side, or maybe it is just one of those "hell days" that seem to come from nowhere. Either way, stay strong and it will pass.

Hope that you have a calmer and happier week end.


Awe Pip, just come across your post......

I know I don't know you personally but YOU have already helped me LOADZ !!

You posted a reply on my first thread 'new champix user looking for tips' rememeber ??? You told me to do more research on the internet before my quit day to help understand and re-inforce my quit stamina......

Well I did just what you recommended and found a great article that really gave me a boost and determination to quit for real !! Thankyou !!

Soooo don't fall off the wagon after 25 days.....:eek: cause you are helping and inspiring me to quit..... ;) I need your post so that I know whats around the corner :confused:

Come on girl..... stay strong and don't throw all that good work away !!

Hope tomorrow is much better for you, I'm sure it will be


Hello Pip

And you've helped me too..

I think sometimes we can be scared of emotions. It's ok to have a bad day.

And why not cry? Crying is a huge release.

I don't know if you're into poetry, but a friend gave me this when I was feeling low (which happens quite a lot!)

Here it is...

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.

meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.

-- Jelaluddin Rumi,

I hope you wake up tomorrow with some friendlier "guests".

Take care



i felt similar pip , was fine for weeks then felt bad from week 4 to 5 , you get through it, im in a managerial position aswell at work ended up with one worker leaving because of me ,or said it was , he wasnt very good at his job anyway lol :D


not sure how much fight I've got left but I'm giving it everything I've got today

wow pip you don't know just how brave that sounds from here! i'm sure a whole load of us have been where you are now and know just how much effort you are putting in to the fight, and i'm right there with the rest when they say keep on going, it is worth it in the end, and all the effort you put in to finding new strategies for all the stresses of life will last you for the rest of your lovely smoke free life.

we are all different (thankfully!) and different things will work for all of us, its just a matter of keeping on trying different things until you find the way that works for you to beat these feelings off. for me in the mornings i find a little light exercise gets me out of bed in the morning when nothing else on earth would shift me from the duvet! even something simple like touching my toes a few times wipes a few of the morning cobwebs away and lets me see that i might just enjoy breakfast!! it may sound silly but often thats the only way i can make it!

best of luck to you, here are three more ideas:

1. value your quit, look to the distant future and see how happy the future you is as a none smoker, isn't she beautiful?

2. believe you can do it, look at her, isn't she strong?

3. appreciate the difficulty of sticking to long term goals, and so realise that you need to keep reminding yourself that this quit is good and reward yourself for staying with it regularly, give yourself some nice short term boosts for keeping with this difficult but wonderful long term aim

x 5mol<er


Sorry to hear your feeling so sad today. I hope you do feel better tomorrow - it could be to do with your patches as you say. You've stopped smoking already but now you're lowering the dose of nicotine as well, that must have some affect. Don't give into it - you've been doing so well!!! If you carry on feeling low maybe see your doctor or do you have a quit counsellor?


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