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Champix Day 24-32

I dissapeared for a bit there. Been busy with stuff around the house and evenings are filled, and the worst part is that i have been crazy busy at work and havent had time to write...the nerve of my work giving me work to do ;)

Well, its been over a week since my last posting and I can say that I have been feeling pretty good. I had major cravings on Friday, and, to make it worse, I even found a stashed pack that had 3 smokes in it. I'm not going to pretend like i was some hero and threw them out right away. I'll be honest, I held all three in my hand. Thinking, what is the harm here....its only 3...and they are "free". I even held one in between my fingers like I was holding it to light it.

I remembered all the bads, the tight chest, how bad they tasted at the end of the first week of champix, the smell, the horrible taste in my mouth. I can say i snapped them in pieces and threw them in the garbage. It was a bit of an enlightening experience. That I can walk away from them. That I can say no, even when there was no one around, no one to have to admit defeat to. wasnt easy. My motivation was, "How can i dissapoint so many that are backing me"

I know this is going to be a life long battle....and I hate when people say "If I only knew then what I know now...blah blah blah"...but that is the God's honest truth.

Glad to be back, gonna read some posts now to see how you guys are doing.

Thanks for reading,


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Glad to hear that you are still doing well, Samartel!

I agree that it is most rude of work making you do work. But it is probably better than being sat around, bored and contemplating a sneaky ciggie! ;)


Hi Samartel

You did amazingly in the face of such temptation, but maybe it doesn't tempt us anymore. There's better things to do with our time.

My ex-smoker colleague recently said "You might want a cigarette, but you don't need one". Good to remember!

Have a look at EFT for cravings. (Youtube)

Good luck

LizzieX (Champix day 17, 3 days non smoking)


Nice one. Stay strong as that and you've got it cracked.



Hey all,

Thanks...its words like that that make me very proud. If my wife says it its great, but coming from a non smoker, it doesnt have the impact as it does coming from EX-SMOKERS! Holy far we are ex-smokers! I think that might be the only good word that is preceded by ex...LOL

LizzyX, thank your colleague for this..."You might want a cigarette, but you don't need one". I just wrote it on a piece of paper and am gonna put it in my wallet. If ever i feel i'm gonna crack, i can see that and know I dont need one.

Thanks for reading,



Glad to hear you are going strong and managed not to crack, sounds as if you are beating the dirty weed.

Keep it up.



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