No Smoking Day
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Stinky Stinkerson

Day 16

I haven't posted for a few days, real busy at work.

Weird dreams and waking up in middle of the night is still an ongoing thing for me.

I can smell a smoker right away and just want to get away from them as the smell is awful, makes me wanna puke.

Beginning to spot smokers everywhere, bus stops, outside supermarkets, driving in cars. Walking down the street. Nearly crashed into the car in front of me this morning trying to spot them. I can't believe the amount of people who smoke. I believe this is another phase to the quit and it will pass.

The thought of having "just one drag of a fag" and wasting all the effort I've put into this quit is carrying me through:) that and not wanting to stink like "Stinky Stinkerson".

Good luck to everyone in their efforts to quit

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Good for you Jimmer.

I too can spot a smoker at 20 paces. Seems they are everywhere. I no longer look at them with envy though!

My nose is also supersensitive. Borrowed a handbag from a friend for the first time since I've quit. Her husband smokes. The smell of the lining of the handbag made it impossible for me to use... Can't believe I used to smell like that myself!!

Well done. Keep at it oh fragrant one ;)


It seems to be a common problem that we are seeing smokers everywhere!

I'm sure no one else on the planet smoked when I did?? Why are there now huge numbers everywhere I look. Is it a paradox ?? If I were to light up again tomorrow would they all dissappear again??

Think my brain has far too much time on it's hands :(



Just been for a walk in my lunch break, next door they were all out giving it large with their "cancer sticks".

I walked up to the train station at the end of the road and back and I swear, every car that passed, the driver was smoking. Respite thou! Not every pedestrian was smoking!!

Is there a link between driving and smoking:eek:


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