conquered the big hill today [with the wind against me]

i am on my walking spree again need to shift the quitting weight had enough of it now i am seriously gonna get rid of it , not half heartedly i am deadly serious

OH is doubtful that i can do it but then he was with the quitting he knew i would give it my best shot but didnt think i would succeed this far HA will prove him wrong for the second time

anyways walked my daughter to school three mornings this week her school is 4 miles away and decided to walk home the long way home which has a very steep hill

as a smoker this would have been a route i would have avoided as i would have been extremely out of breath and struggling which i didnt like to put myself in those situations as a smoker as it brought it home to me the damage my habit was doing

today i conquered the hill not only on my own but with the double buggy containing 3 stone of toddler and baby + the god damn heavy buggy that nearly puts my back out everytime i heave it in the boot of my car AND the wind against me and was i out of breath noooooooooooooo not one but i am truely impressed with my self hehehehehe i love it

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  • boo :D

    you inspire me . Sometimes it takes some while till you can feel the benefits of not smoking but they will come. I just noticed that I can walk up the stairs a little easier. You are doing so well and are so strong . Thats what we need . I am proud of you :D

  • Boo. You rock. That's all.

  • thank you all you put a smile on my face

  • Wow!! Go Boo...if I see a wild woman struggling up a hill with 2 innocent babes I'll leave her alone. She doesn't need my help!!:):)

    lmao ......

  • well done!

    can you push me up the hill to the penthouse?:)!

  • lmao is laugh my ass off

    i only know cause i have teenagers

  • Right! Wish I could laugh my big ass off!:)

    me to mine has grown considerably since quitting but i am serously working on the diet now

  • went big hill way again today was easier than yesterday really really enjoyed my walk today

    have lost 4 lbs in a week i have walked 8 miles everyday and am cutting down my portion sizes and packing it out with mushrooms lettuce and tomatoes mushrooms = 4-7 calaories tomatoes = 3 calories and a cup of shredded lettuce = 4 calories also if i feel peckish am eating fruit

    OH just this minuite said it wont last well it will now without a shadow of a doubt especially after he said that i will prove him wrong

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