2 Hours And Counting

Hello everyone

Another quitter here, name's Ian and I've been a non smoker for 2 hours now :D

Might not seem a lot but that's a record for me haha. Decided to change my ways and just like that I decided to quit. Gave away my cigarettes to a homeless guy in town as I walked past and I now have no money to buy any as I'm skint for a week so I've left myself with the only option

Fingers crossed!!!!

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  • Hi Ian and good luck on your quit!

    Keep us posted on how you get on. :)

    It might help to try and keep yourself busy, keep your mind off it... or sleep as much as you can ;)

  • Good luck Ian - you can do this

  • Thanks guys

    Just been reading the stories on here and playing Playstation until I can get out the house tomorrow and really take my mind off things

    Approaching the 3rd hour and the cravings are getting stronger. Using NiQuitin Lozenges which are helping to an extent but arn't lasting as long as I was hoping. Drinking water is my main help that really does help

    Just keep telling myself that I was on an airplane for 6 hours so this is nothing yet :)

  • You got any quest-type games you could get lost in? I found Final Fantasy X made the hours fly by when I played it... :D

  • You got any quest-type games you could get lost in? I found Final Fantasy X made the hours fly by when I played it... :D

    Haha. Well I do have my old Playstation 1 and 2. Metal Gear Solid and the Old Grand Theft Autos might be worth a visit back to the good old days :D

    I also found Formula 1 good for trying to kill time. Playing a 56 lap race knowing that if you pause for a cigarette you have to take your finger off the accelerator which will let cars pass you is a big help haha

  • Spontaneous random quits can work ;)

    However, the sooner you get to understand what is happening to you physically and mentally when quitting the better. More you know, better placed and able to keep on top ; It might aid you in some way to put yourself in situations that you don't associate with smoking, eg., bed, bath/shower.... at least for now.

    Read, read and read all you can, gain knowledge and be prepared.

    There may be some tough times ahead ... brace yourself, get to know your quit and own it :cool:

    All the best


  • Haha. Well I do have my old Playstation 1 and 2

    I feel rather technologically behind now, next I'll be digging out the VHS!! :eek:

    My PS2 is so old it's actually one of the bulky ones as well.:o

    Anyway, an oldie like me needs rest, so good luck for the rest of the night and I hope to see you in day 2 tomorrow.

  • Day 2 and a relapse :(

    Woke up this morning headed out with friends and bang I was smoking again. It's a lot harder than it looks and when I read some of the storys I see what people mean

    Think I need a plan rather than just quitting on the spot. Been reading some people who have set dates and got patches and gum etc. Really didn't want to have to go down that route wanted it to be my own will power that won rather than need help

    Back to the drawing board :(

  • Hi Ian,

    Sorry you didn't make it today, but well done for trying and I hope you get back onto quitting soon.

    You could see last night as a bit of a practice - I did a few practices before I quit to get me used to certain situations: forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/s...

    Jen :)

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