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No Smoking Day
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17 hours and counting

Its 17 hours since I last had a cigarette, I went to see the Stop Smoking doc at my loacal Boots last night, I did the CO2 test and was horrified it registered 30.

I have patches and an inahler, the inhaler is fine but makes me cough after a big drag on it.

I'm feeling a tad light headed and all I can think about are Marlboro light.

How long before this feeling disappears?

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Hi Lambchop

Welcome to the forum and congrats on starting down the road to no longer needing the evil weed.

I felt dizzy for a few days as its all the chemicals leaving your body in the first few days and i think by the end of week 1 i was starting to feel a bit better. I did get very tierd too but i was on chamipx for the first 7 days of my quit and then stopped taking them.

Good luck to you whatever happens.



well done

hi ive been on the same has you patches etc and im into week 4 you are feeling light headed because you have more oxygen in your body this will get better it lasted a few days with me keep up the good work :):)


Well done lambchop, love the name !!

Good luck in your quit !



Light Headed

Hey light headed is the best bit its like beeing half cut for freeeeeeeeee lol,

Good luck with your quit. one day at a time :-)


Well I'm over the 24 hours and just into day 2 and feeling bloody awful if the truth be known, however if I can go 24 hours then I can see out the next few.

Strange its the most stresfull time of my life, split up with my girlfriend and am homeless and I decide to quit!


Hi Lambchop

Sorry to hear about your troubles - you certainly haven't picked an easy time to quit have you.

It's never easy but always worth a try, smoking doesn't solve anything and only burns a hole in our pockets.

You've done really well to get through today with everything else you're having to deal with so just see how it goes, one day at a time.

I hope everything works out for you.

Good luck.

Linda x


If you get through what you're going through that's brilliant. Quit day for me is Monday and you're an inspiration to me.


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