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Another milestone

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Where's John? :D Today is really his day, whereas mine was yesterday.

The last month went by in a flash... I hardly noticed it turning over from month 9 to month 10, but here I am, still smoke-free and still very happy to have taken those steps to quit last November.


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Oh well, I guess nobody remembers me :rolleyes:

I'm happy for myself, lol. :D

And yeah, I had got it wrong again... Doh! TODAY IS THE DAY! - 10 MONTHS


Congratulations for TODAY Alex.

I had not forgotten you but thought i would wait before i posted as like you say today is your 10th Month so from me, Well done that Man.

Anyhow here's to the next milestone and meeting at the penthouse :)

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Well done Alex only 2 months to go now....see you are as good as ever with dates...

Seriously though great job.

WELL DONE Alex nearly there!!!

Maria. x:D

Well done Alex excellent news. And i do remember you. Jacqui

Awww, thanks everybody! Yep, I'm as bad as ever with the dates... :D

For everybody just starting out, don't forget that you too will be here and beyond one day.


Thanks very much Karri. Indeed, the months are flying by now, especially as I'm busy at work again after the summer.



Well done on your ten months Alex - how I envy you! Mind you, I have stopped for longer than that in the past and still got hooked back in, so no complacency!

Well done alex, glad to see you finally stuck with it:d


Awesome :)


To Boldly Go Where I Hope To Tread

6 months ... wow

i'll have to go thro all ive just gone thro ... again

10 months! that is brilliant Alex. proud of you mate :)

Belated thanks to River and Kitkat!


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