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Leave me alone !!!!!!!

Help please !

Hi all, I have been smoke free since June 4th

Over the last couple of days I have been haunted by the most awful cravings to smoke, I don't know where they came from but it has taken all of my determination to ignore them, why is it when life gets tough the cravings hit hard, my business is on the ropes right now and im working 16 hour days 7 days a week to survive i could do without the constant thoughts of smoking,does anyone have any advise on how to overcome this 3 month patch ? im feeling quite p%&&d off with myself for feeling so weak and sorry for myself !

Thanks in advance


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Hey Rob

Sorry to hear things are just getting on top of you at the moment. I know things will get easier for you but as ex smokers we use that as a coping mechanism. You can do this, your stronger than the urge to smoke. I know its about the 3rd-4th month that all of a sudden it hits you like a big slap in the face. I do feel that the initial raring to go like we get at the beginning is more than likely forgotten and we can get a bit complacent like well we have done that we can now go back to it, plus others are not so bothered about being there for us as its no big deal now and that can knock us for 6 like no one notices or cares.

Anyhow you stay strong, you can do this. You have come so far you do not want to go back to that again as having just the one wont ever work that one would become years again.

Take care


Hi Rob

This sounds a bit like one of my previous lapses, which occurred over a year after quitting. I think what happens is that after the first few months, we have managed to break the "every day" associations with smoking, but not necessarily the link in our minds between smoking and extreme emotions, whether they are grief, anger or even joy. In my case, when I hit a really hard time, I was feeling very sorry for myself, and once the thought of gaining consolation by smoking had entered my mind, I didn't see any good reason to "deprive" myself of this one, small comfort.... Essentially, I felt that I deserved it, and completely forgot that ciggarettes were no longer my friends. Did smoking help at all? No. But I persevered with it anyway, and now here I am again.

Beware the "Fxxx it" Factor!


I hit some bad times on the dreaded three three's Rob, 3 weeks and 3 months, they were bad times :(

There's a thread on here somewhere where i was kicking crap out of the shed and screaming in the garden in frustration.

If you feel like kicking, spitting, screaming etc then DO IT, do anything except relent.

As you're aware just writing about how you feel and getting support from the guys on here really helps as you know you're not on your own with your fight.

It can be hard at times but keep strong and focused..... no pain, no gain ;)


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