No Smoking Day
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Two Year!!!

Pretty far out huh? Well I have done it, 3 blips all of which I was drunk as hell. Woke up the next day all three times and didn't look back. Don't drink much anymore so still good. Anyhow I don't come around much anymore but I really like to post on the big milestones cause if I can do it anyone can. Hi to all my old friends and thanks again for all the support. Without the support of so many good people I would not have made it a week. This is one grateful yank, I wish I could come over and say thank you. I did buy myself one hell of a reward though. Lets see if I did this right!!! Thanks again guys and to everyone else YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

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Well done you, and of course Happy Birthday too! So proud of you and very soon I am planning to embark on the journey again. Love the bike, and we would welcome you for a visit anytime.


Great news well done Thomas it's so lovely hearing from long term quitters like you it proves it can be done. You give hope to us new ones to stick at it.

Best wishes



Well done Twiste

Congrats on the two years from me too. Great feeling isn't it.

Alcohol is one of my issues too, although was at a festival yesterday and didn't feel the need once.



Congratulations Thomas, an exception to the 'no drinking' for such a special occasion I think.




Thanks all. I'll be around, need to make sure a certain someone gets back in the grove.



We were around the same time (with Bev) - Congratulations.

I've forgotton my 2 year - thats why I 'm here. I love that.

Keep going!!


Well done Twiste

and Atomicguy!!!


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