No Smoking Day
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Day 19

Things have been pretty calm on the smoking front yet again; I'm a little more pleased to say this as I've had a few increasingly trying days.

As many of you are aware I have a history of axiety and panic...these have been tested!

1. My daughter has a cold, she's fine but even the smallest things are incredibly noisy (day and night) when it comes to an 8 month old. Now I know there's nothing to worry about but that's like telling a person with an addiction (HA!) to just stop mid flow.

2. I had a cold the week prior to stopping which the cold bit has gone but the dry throat has continued. Now I think the absolute worse EVERY TIME and therefore this has been stressing me a little even though I though I actually cause many of the symptoms myself by contastly worrying about it.

3. Went to for my gym induction yesterday which included a BP test. Now usually as I posted a week or so ago I'm in the 123/72 (ish) range; yesterday it was 160/93...I can add a degree to white coat syndrome but not all of the jump.

So I think all in all it's official that I'm pretty worked up and stresses at the moment. Work has been a bit of a nightmare...actually a lot of a nightmare. Saying that I find it odd that I'm outwardly calm!

Will carry on how I am over the weekend then if things haven't improved I feel a trip to the docs coming on....JOY!



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Maybe there really is something to the 'terrible three' thing, Mart, you're right smack in the middle of week 3..... you've been doing really well but as you know there are hurdles to cross, the discomfort you describe being one of those. I had to deal with the anxiety/panic bit, too, and had something prescribed for me by the doc... it really helped that first month. Hypnosis can help, too, either for quit smoking or anxiety relief..... you can easily download a recording online and listen with headphones. Whatever you decide to do, and it might just be to stick it out, just know it will pass. You're doing really, really well!!! It's 4:30 am for me, best get my myself back to bed, hope you feel better soon and your little one, too!


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