No Smoking Day
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Week 2

Oooops - posted this in my other thread - so thought i'd post it here as well ..

Day 9 ....

Made it this far - things kinda got easier - well the cravings did go - now I've got a sometime niggle in the back of my mind that says "one more puff wont hurt" - i've learnt to ignore that little niggle :p

My tastebuds have certainly woken up and come alive, which is a bit of a pain as i've now discovered that I don't actually like the coffee i've been drinking for years!!!!

I've been drinking loads of water and if i've felt the urge to smoke i've had a celery stick - by the time i've chomped my way through that the urge has gone :D

I've also gone cycling - i've also fallen off said cycle - but I will be going again (hopefully this time i'll stay on :D) - I do seem to have a lot more energy and tend to get very, very restless just before bed time which has made sleeping a bit of problem, but ..................

I am a non-smoker and loving it :D

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Well done Bunni!!!

I like your great sense of humour and your positive attitude. Keep it up!



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