Day 10 ot 2

I forgot to mention that I took my blood pressure yesterday, has anybody else recorded this?

I record mine generally always taking at the same time in a relaxed state. Historically it has been 125 to 132 over 80 to 97, I believe this is normal high. My resting heart rate is usually in the region of 75 - 78.

Last night was 117/72 with a resting pulse of amazing difference, no wonder I've been feeling calmer and sleeping better.

Waffle over

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  • it absolutely makes a difference

    for about a month or two before i quit i had a heartbeat [on the i phone heart rate thing] of around 100 and even if the app was a little out i knew things were bad as i could hear my heartbeat in my ears most of the time [definately not right]

    this was all happening on the run up to my quit i knew in november i was gonna quit on new years day

    so not sure if it was my bodies way of telling me LOOK U HAVE TO DO THIS or whether something was really gonna happen to me

    but either way wen i feel weak i remember how i felt before i quit and i dont want to go back there

  • oh yeah lol forgot to say since quitting never ever hear my heartbeat in my ears heart beat on i phone 68-72 and feel calm all of the time

    says it all doesnt it

  • Interesting thread. My BP is now much much lower and my resting heart rate is now 55-59 BPM so much better than 85-95 like when i smoked.

    I am much calmer, i dont hear my heartbeat anymore and i can exercise with a higher heart rate but not get out of breath just get so hot where i work so hard.

    My weight has stabilised now and with my healthy eating plan i have lost 5lbs in just over 2 weeks. I work 30 mins on my treadmill daily and go the gym and pool with my kids during the week too.

    I am not on a diet as i dont do those but i am watching what i eat and logging my calories every day. I use a website for my calorie and fitness logging. Try it out its called My Fitness Pal

    Anyhow good luck everyone


  • Interesting boo. My relaxed rate is 89 bpm so god knows what it is when I am active. Also hear my heart in my ears and just lately been getting lots of "strange sensations" in the heart area. As you may know I still smoke but was surprised to see stopping made your symptoms go. Feel a bit worried now so thanks for sharing. I never get scared by other people's experiences but when you share the same it makes you think twice.

    Good to hear yor news stav.

    hey karri

    yeah i to had the 'strange sensations' around my heart it wasnt a significant pain as such. just as if my body was telling me something

    and i know u still smoke and i did wen i had all these symptoms and it wasnt until november time wen i decided to quit that all these symptoms came to the surface and i know u want to quit cause you spend time on here and u have tried to quit so it is always on your mind to quit, its not like u are happily getting on with smoking.

    i really believe our minds are more capable than we will ever know [you know the we only use 10% of our brain power thing] and i believe the power of the mind is very strong and i believe this is the bracket that this falls into

    i think because i made a concious decision to quit back in november and set a date of new years day that my mind was showing me i had to do it and these symptoms were encouraging me that smoking was doing this to me and if i carried on something bad would happen sooner or later

    i hope i dont come across as a fruit loop but you to karri have made a decision to quit too u just havent quite made it yet

    and nuttynurse how bizarre i thought i was the only one with a heartbeat in my ears and now two of u [u and karri] turn up in minites lol

    but seriously all of my symptoms went within a week of quitting i have not heard my heart beat in my ears since and have not had a 'strange sensation' in the chest area even after alot of exercise

    i 100% believe the cigarettes and all the poisons in them did that to me i can honestly tell if someone is a smoker now just by looking at them and without smelling them they always kinda look poisoned its always in there eyes i can tell i cant put my finger on exactly how i know but i have a 100% success rate of recognising a smoker

  • thanks nutty nurse am gonna sign up to my fitness pal now and work work on the spare stone i have gained and no longer want or need

  • I've 2 stone to shed by Noveber 8th...not going to happen! I have used my spare cash to join a gym though :)....I haven't been yet but it's a start :D

  • lol the thoughts there and u have joined

    once you start going u will get addicted to the exercise a much healthier addiction

  • Well will make the most of it over the weekend :) not going to be particularly active for a good few months so need to get it out of my system. :D

  • Boo and NN - I got the My Fitness app a couple of weeks ago but haven't used it yet. It seems to have a lot of good reviews.

    Boo you have definately got me thinking about things seriously. Thanks again for writing your post and no you don't sound like a fruit loop lol.

    karri if i could take u to where i am today and show you wat its like i would do it in a blink of the eye, i know you want to quit so bad and u have all the tools and good advice and know all the information u need to know.

    i know for me it was the time i had to prepare mentally, i knew for about 6 to 8 weeks before that new years day was the day, maybe if u prepared and set a date bit further ahead may help

    also dont feel u have to do it cold turkey i certainly had no intention of going cold turkey i needed those patches big time and my inhalator

    i had days i would sit in the toilet and cry my eyes out [over a cigarette ] seems ridilulous now but crying made me feel better got it out of my system

    i felt depressed and got medication to treat it [only stayed on it for 3 months] but needed it and not ashamed i used it

    i have had alot of hard days over the time but i swear if u stick it out it will get better and u will feel normal and happy without smoking

    somewhere down the line [actually it was when i went to @bristol] so about 4 ish months in i realised the pure freedom i had and then that feeling became more powerfull than the want to smoke, and i kinda let go of the last little bit i was holding on to

    i emailed my friend also who had given up for a year and on a daily basis i emailed her exactly how i felt and poured my heart out it helped so much she replied daily and knew exactly how i felt and reassured me all was normal

    [if u wanted to pm me i would be happy to help you anytime]

    i know the steps i took may not be for everyone but if i can help anyone else like people helped me at the start i will

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