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No Smoking Day
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10 Full Months!!!

Well Hello there non smoking ppl,

If your reading this and you know who I am then well done you because the chances are your in your tenth Month by now of saving money smelling great and being a professional non smoker quite un-intentionally winding up smokers with your stores of how you used to smoke, but you don't now and how giving up was the best thing you ever did, also you cant believe you were ever such a fool for having gone all those years being well err disgusting. dam straight that's what we are doing and flipping fair play to us too! If your dropping in to see how it feels to quit It feels amazing I am a new person with a life of my own and money to invest in people and things of value... go for it! And I will, I hope see you all In the penthouse!!

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Well done Lemsip!!! Amazing, isn't it?



congrats!!!! 10 months is awesome!! im at 7 and a half months and i totally agree....i am a new person & and quitting was the best thing i have ever done for myself...so keep it going and see ya in the pent house in january!!:D


Hello my friend,

Bloody good to see you posting your 10 mths. If I don't see you before i'll see you in the penthouse in October :D:D




Hi Lem

Just popped in to see how things are going and noticed your 10 month quit, well done you. I will be where your at in 11 days :)

Only 2 months to go and our Oct 2010 group we will all be at the penthouse. Anyhow here's to the next milestone.

Good luck my friend.


'I love you guys,man ;)'

I have told every one I can about this forum, I don't think I could have quit with out the shared experiences on here, it has been fantastic to have you as friends by my side, Thank you, you girls have helped me save my life and that's amazing ;so Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and now for every one who made it, this far, with help from ppl like us; I promise you now, never not one more puff ever, that demon is about and needs to have a close reign placed on its neck and you shall be my shield. xxx :) xxx


10 months sounds GREAT!


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