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10 months!

Well at the beginning it took a fair few hard weeks to even start believing that I really could quit smoking forever.

I didn't really want to think about going a whole year with out ciggies, that was too frightening - it frightened me to think I'd got to get through the day.

But I remember reading someone's post that they had reached 10 months. For some reason it really inspired me. It didn't seem as long as a year - it seemed almost achievable, yet a real challenge too. And I kind of thought, if I can get to 10 months, I could probably make it to a whole year!

And now - I am 100% certain I will never smoke again, I have been quit for 10 months today and its less than 10 weeks til I'm in the penthouse!!

Well done to all the Monkey Bar-Stewards who have made it this far - see you all in the penthouse!

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10 months is 10 years in non smoking years! OMG you are my hero, bloody well done what a fantastic achievement.:)

I hope you have treated yourself today and it you have not make sure you do sometime soon.

Once again well done, if I was you I would be on such a high.:D


Jerry-Lee, a huge congratulations on reaching month 10!! Not long till the penthouse now! Save me a room cause I'm right behing you! Jody


Congratulations to you Jerry Lee, and a carrot for the horse shaped Jerry Lee!:D


Very well done hun. 10 month way to go girl thats fab. It would be good to know how many monkey bar stewards are still smoke free. xxxxx


Congratulations, Jerry-Lee on your 10 month milestone! It doesn't even seem so long ago we all started out and yet it it's so close to a full year! Well done, Jerry-Lee! x


Hi Nicki :D

WOW 10 months CONGRATULATIONS that's fantastic


Marg xxx


Big Well Done good to see you still around.



Bloody well done! Make sure theres space for me a month later though... No horses in the penthouse i've heard :D


Congrats on the 10 months Jerry - lee ( have always really liked your handle), that's a real achievement, remember getting some really good responses from people myself on the site too, which keeps you going.

2 months from the penthouse - Woo hooooooo

Glad to hear you say that you never want a fag again, it's great to go from feeling like 24hrs is a challenge and a year impossible to feeling that you've broke the back of the addiciton and will never smoke again.

For any newbies reading this doesn't mean that you can afford to be complacent.


Well done JL!

Well deserved.

Penthouse is so close now!


Aaaww - thanks everyone!

I'm warming up for the big party in 2 months time:D:D

It is said that when you lose someone close to you, it takes a year and a day before you can really move on - you have to go through birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. I think it is the same with smoking! Although I know I'll never smoke again, I want to get my first non-smoking Christmas out of the way:D

BB- have you ever caught a rat using the swing bin method!? It is hugely satisfying to look in the bin and see three or four of the little blighters.


hmm ... 5 minutes 10%; overnight 93%; lifetime 2% .. IMO

Sorry BB, am I being thick? (quite likely:o) but I don't get this??:confused:

Oh and did I suggest peanut butter on the swing bin lid? That seems to be the most effective bait!


Well done foxy little lady-you have been a great friend on this forum and cant wait to meet you in the penthouse xxxxxxx


Thanks Shabba!!

Keep a seat warm for me and get that champagne on ice - it won't be long now til I'm partying up there with you lot:D:D


Congratulations J-L on the 10 months - and also to you Manny. Double celebrations are looking set for January.


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