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RE: Yippee!!

So I have been struggling with cutting out those sneaky little smokes in the evening - but on Tuesday after seeing the NHS advisor I agreed with myself that enough was enough!

Yesterday I didn't have a single cigarette - I even went out to dinner & then to the pub - there were a couple of difficult moments when I could easily have asked a mate for a cig - but I didn't!! And this morning for the first time in 15 years I have just an alcohol hangover - no nasty smoke & alcohol hangovers for me anymore! It feels kinda weird - but I am so so proud of myself! I know I can do this!!!

Reading everybody's comments & difficulties on here has really helped me see that I can do this - so thank you everyone!


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Well done jsp, that's a tough test, and you flew through!

See the link in my sig. The secret is repeated conscious choice. Every time you think 'I could smoke now', you say to yourself, 'yes, but I CHOOSE NOT TO'. Keep making that choice, every time it happens, every day, and you'll stay free.

Keep on keeping on!

Helen x


Well done, I am so happy for you! I am at the same stage as you! I will you see in day 3 tommorow (technically today but I haven't slept yet :P )


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