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No Smoking Day
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First Post - Day 4


New here - been lurking and thought i'd sign up and get some support (if that's not too bold)

It's day 4 for me and i'm really struggling today - instead of getting easier it seems to be getting harder and it's all I can think about I feel totally obsessed ..

Day 1, 2 and 3 seemed really easy by comparison to today - is this 'normal' ? - i'm not using any replacement products just determination

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Stay with it


Keep going you are doing really well.

I had a similar situation. Remember all the nicotine has now gone and your brain is having a bit of a paddy.

If you stay strong today you will be rewarded tomorrow with less cravings and the day after that even less cravings etc.

The cravings really do fade away. there were times in the first week that I didnt believe that however if you read the threads of people ahead of you we will all be saying the same.

you are never alone here stay strong:)

All the best


Cold turkey after 20 a day for 10 years


Hi Bunni,

On day 4 myself, just it will all me worth it and try to keep your mind occupied and try going places you cant smoke, cos then your head knows it cant have any


Bunni and others

Stay strong!! I'm visiting the forum for the first time in ages. Am coming up to 2 years smoke free - I did it cold turkey.

You are doing brilliant - just keep going and come here when you need a boost - it worked for me.

It will all get better - and be so worth it. Believe me - I'm living proof and I smoked like a chimney.

Keep at it!



Well done on making it this far on determination alone! You can go all the way! remember that a craving doesn't last forever, it goes away!


Day 9 ....

Made it this far - things kinda got easier - well the cravings did go - now I've got a sometime niggle in the back of my mind that says "one more puff wont hurt" - i've learnt to ignore that little niggle :p

My tastebuds have certainly woken up and come alive, which is a bit of a pain as i've now discovered that I don't actually like the coffee i've been drinking for years!!!!

I've been drinking loads of water and if i've felt the urge to smoke i've had a celery stick - by the time i've chomped my way through that the urge has gone :D

I've also gone cycling - i've also fallen off said cycle - but I will be going again (hopefully this time i'll stay on :D) - I do seem to have a lot more energy and tend to get very, very restless just before bed time which has made sleeping a bit of problem, but ..................

I am a non-smoker and loving it :D


Lol at falling off said cylcle.

You're doing just fine :p


Well done to you all. And Bunni i have also been sipping water and enjoy celery its refreshing. Day 4 for me today and feeling good. Jacqui


Hi Bunni,

Well done on reaching day 4! Yes, it's pretty normal for cravings to go up and down for a while, sometimes for several weeks, although most people say it does tend to get easier over time. The best thing to do is to ride the crave wave until it passes, not trying to push it away, but instead understanding that it is a normal feeling that will pass shortly. The more crave waves you ride, the easier it will become.



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