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First Post - On Day 55!

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Dear All

OMG, it's day 55 for me - I suddenly feel like I'm in a game of bingo saying that! :p That means 8 weeks tomorrow. I'm not sure how I got here, and whilst Allen Carr has been very helpful, I've still found it painful!

This is my first post, but I've been keeping an eye on the forum. I feel a bit of a fraud having hidden in the background and suddenly jumped in on Month 2 (and nearly at Month 3). But just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support you've provided without even knowing it :D Your comments and experiences have kept me motivated when I've felt ready to cave in. But I haven't, and that's the main thing.

Thanks all, really appreciated. Enjoy a happy, and most importantly ciggie free, Jubilee weekend. :)

Shazza x


Last ciggie 7 April at 9.30pm

QuickMist first 9 days, then cold turkey from Day 10, plus loads of psychology, masses of determination and the support of this forum

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Hi Shazza good to see you posting and 55 days wow well done. You deserve a pat on the back and I'm sure others will agree.

Don't be a stranger here you will have learnt valuable lessons to pass on


Hi Shazza, well done, there are just three days between us I quit on the

4th April, so month 3 beckons us both, see you there hun.

Love Joan xxx

Aitch and Joan

Thank you sooo much for your kind words.

I have a first coming up - but one I'm really looking forward to. We're going to see Kevin Bridges (young Scottish stand up comedian) tonight. It's about 50 miles away and we decided, because it's Friday night, long weekend etc, to stay over in a hotel (I'm paying from fag savings!). :) I've just realised I won't have to get dressed first thing in the morning and leave the hotel room to go outside with my cuppa so I can smoke. :D

BTW - a bit of a daft question - but when does month 3 start? Do we count by calendar months? If so, I end month 2 on 7 June and start month 3 on 8 June? Give or take a day?!?

Cheers, have a great extended weekend.

Shazza x

Well done Shazza and welcome. You've done really well and silent too:eek:

I'm in month 3 today and getting ready to party :D

See you in a few days x

Top lurking Shazza.......55 days.......classic :)

Glad you've finally 'jumped out' on us. Crickey...this forums like a fairground ride sometimes.

Well done on your excellent smoking stoppage....enjoy that gig.


Hello All and thanks for your lovely posts.

The show was really good, as was our pre show dinner, the hotel, and its fab full english yesterday morning. All without having to smoke, though I suspect another couple of pounds have gone on this weekend with all the lovely food (and let's not forget the wine!) ;)

Magwillz and Joan - see you soon in Month 3! :D

Shazza x

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