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Hi everyone,im new to the forum but been lurker for a past month :o

Im 23y old and been smoking since i was 14y old,before i would quit for a week and that would be my longest quit,and ive done it only few times in all these years,until recently.The thing that made me quit ,was the horrible feeling every day waking up and going straight out to light up,it would take me 3 fags to start my day,every event or thing would be arranged with a smoke before it.But the worst thing is feeling tight chest and wheezing in the lungs or pain in the legs when your only in your mid twenties.So wanting to change everything 4 weeks and 5 days ago i quit smoking cold turkey.I didn't imagine i will last so long because when quitting it seems its wrong time to do it and all the events ahead come to the mind,and it seems you ll need to smoke because of the stress.But the golden rule which i found on internet,to last one day at the time :) without smoke,made a difference.And as first weeks went i had few close encounters where i nearly slipped for a smoke while being drunk,but because of the family and friends knowing that i had quit i didn't get to smoke.Since quitting i started exercising,which i always dreamed of doing,and with every day i feel stronger and happier.Anyway i could write here a book on this topic,and whole experience of how good life is without smoking,but for now remember withing every day it gets easier to be a non smoker.


I'm back here once again :D its been over a year now since i touched my last smoke,and although it was a rough year and there were moments that i would crave for a puff i never came close to them again,now i could say that after so much time there isnt a need for one,but the empty feeling that smoking leaves still exists,but i love myself to much to go back to the coughing,wheezing life of an craving addict who puts smoking in the first place of any event,so anyone who is starting to quit smoking from day one or advancing through couple of weeks and reading this section of the forum +1year remember all the journeys start from the single step at the time :rolleyes: peace to everyone.

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Well done, celebrate well, you deserve to feel very special.


callling all cars

Now another year passed and its almost 2.5 years +(-) since i quit smoking,dont know did i wrote before but seems im hitting a brick wall,first about 1.5y after quitting i got really drunk one night,and smoked like 10 fags in couple hours time after which i got sick,and next day i felt like biggest $hit in the world.dont know was it the drink or the mood that i was in that lured me back in that night.Now from then i didn't have a single puff again until recently i got some cigars for my father and i smoked one (didn't inhale)well maybe once or twice as a smoker would do :o,i did get the nicotine rush but the rolling smoke in my mouth was useless feeling and after taste felt like i was chewing tobacco for the last day.Now this got me thinking that maybe i should try the e-cigs without nicotine in them.But the brains are telling me that im going into relapse mode,as nights out after quitting smoking dont feel the same,and sometimes i just miss that punch of nicotine in the lungs,also being surrounded by 50% of people who smoke doesn't help either.Well im not going to give up after so much time as i got really fit and healthy over those two years and dont want to go back to filthy old habit of lighting up,i still feel proud of myself as its one of the biggest goals that i managed to reach in my life,and every day i try to encourage others to quit smoking (not that any of them care),so im looking for elder advice did you have such falls while quitting and how did you manage to stand up,just need some usefull advice i guess,as im still only 25y old,started smoking while being 13,and at around age of 23 from packet a day i went to zero without any help,but those two kneecaps feels like my medals are being taken away and dark thoughts are popping from time to time again.thanks to anyone who reads it also my previous posts and gives me some wisdom.Peace

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