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Day Five and Slept Great!

Well i had a great sleep last night and what a difference it has made. My problem now is i am feeling good, it is the weekend and not sure if I will be having a drink yet but that could be dangerous. Think I may avoid it this weekend as I am doing so well BUT i like a wee tipple at the end of the working week! Any tips??? PS: I do not have internet at home to be able to log into this forum for support :mad: I am trying to get connected though

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i personally avoided drink not a big drinker anyway

i think if you do drink you need to be in a good strong frame of mind and use it to break the association/trigger of drink and cigarettes, reprogramme yourself that having a drink can be drank,enjoyed and still have a great time but without a cigarette

some people can break there triggers earlier than others make sure u are in the right frame of mind


I would agree with Boo absolutely, go ahead and have a tipple if you want to, you do need to break that trigger at some stage. But make sure you're in the right state of mind first, feeling strong, ready for the craving that will doubtless come. And I would definitely advise you to avoid getting plastered because at an early stage of the quit that is pretty much fatal.

Have some strategies in place - something to fiddle with/chew on is good. And if you find it's getting too much for you, take yourself out of the situation - go home and go to bed! After all, it's only one night out, and in the grand scheme of things your quit is more important.

Have a great weekend!



I think i might try crisps! I have plenty lozenges too which I dont mind having with lemonade drinks eg long vodka's! I think its important in my quit to live my life and get used to and adapt to life as a non smoker asap. If I feel like i will smoke though I will not drink, it is not worth it. thanks guys:D


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