No Smoking Day
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Brain Befuddled

45 hours of no cigarettes, and I honestly can't find many moments in the day where I am NOT feeling as though I want to smoke. All the suggestions about what do with cravings make me laugh.

I'd have to do nothing but sit and deep breathe all day long!


I had an emotional meltdown yesterday that made me quite happy to be single. Heaven only knows, I'm glad nobody in life was here to see that moment.

And the rest of the withdrawal stuff isn't as bad as what I've heard described. Chest is tight, but the other physical stuff doesn't bother me too much.

From another site, I understand that I'm headed into "peak withdrawal" period.

Cold turkey here.

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HI AnninCA,

I/We all know what you are feeling - the constant thinking of smoking. Its how we have trained our brains for many years - we thought about when we could have our next smoke - and then went and had it. Now we are not having that smoke and are in the process of retraining our thoughts. May sound like mumbo jumbo but I believe it anyway! :-)

It will get easier and it will be worth it - just take each minute/hour day at a time - reenforce why you are doing this and don't be tricked into thinking that its too hard. Your already 45 hours free - you don't wanna have to start them again - believe I know!!



Hi Ann,

Chris is right, it's a process of mental reorganisation. It's hard, I absolutely know how you're feeling. I thought about smoking literally every waking moment for the first few weeks. But it does improve over time. One day you'll think wow, I haven't thought about it for a couple of hours. Before you know it, you'll be going for days at a stretch before it hits you.

The 'techniques' for the craves ... I know what you mean. But the sipping cold water, the walks, the breathing etc are just kind of ways to focus yourself, a psychological exercise to get you through the moments when you want to smash the place down. You need to find the thing that works for you.

For me, it was using this obsessive thinking about smoking productively - posting/supporting people on here, reading blogs and articles, constantly reminding myself why I was feeling the way I was. Doesn't work for everyone, but it helped me.

Also, lots of chocolate and stupid computer games helped too :)

This is hell week, but there are big rewards. The sense of freedom, when it comes, is worth every minute of the pain.

Hang in there, you're doing great!



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