No Smoking Day
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Well cant believe tomorrow im going to be starting week 4!! And the best bit is that up until thus evening i hadnt even realised, iv just been goin about things as normal and not counting down in my head like before when i was thinking just a few more hours and then i can go to bed and i will have made it through another day. Now i just carry on as normal and feel normal...wahooo really happy now!! Its getting so much easier, also feel like iv got so much more energy have been playing outside with the kids all day today and have taught my 4year oold how to ride his bike without stabalisers!!! :D

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well done on getting to weeek 4 [tomorrow]

i know exactly what you mean about feeling 'normal'i remember feeling that exact feeling you are explaining it dawned on me i could be happy,smile and basically lead a normal life without smoking

i to run around with the kids to and spend soooooo much more quality time with them it occcurs to you how much time we spent smoking, i did go through a stage of feeling very guilty about the amount of time i didnt spend with my children so i could smoke [i never smoked infront of them so i would feel glad when they went to there room to play so i could smoke in peace] actually that still brings a lump to my throat now reading what i just wrote, but all i can do to put it right is to spend time with them now and never smoke again

you are doing brill mummy21


Cracking news! And it keeps on getting easier! Just keep strong when you get the odd bad day (which you're bound to) and remind yourself to keep taking one day at a time, and before you know it you'll be in the penthouse :D


great news, well done you are doing it exactly the right way :) keep on going!!


Well done everyone! I am so pleased I have made it this far, I am now confident that I will never smoke again *pats on the back all round* :) :) :)


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