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No Smoking Day
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day 52 - a funny memory

Hey all,

I am back from a weekend in my hometown, I've been in the company of many smokers but haven't been tempted one bit. I went to a party and a friend of mine burned his pants a little with a ciggie, I kinda laughed at him and told them that's a sign to quit. That made me remember one of my previous attempts.

It was 2 years ago and I was in my car, driving and smoking a cig at the same time. My ashtray was full so I tried to throw it out through the window but then the horror - the air current picked it up and it flew back in!!! Not only that but it flew straight into my collar and went down between my back and my shirt! I almost crashed the car, but managed to pull over, but at that time my back and my shirt were burned. I was driving to a date with my girlfriend at that time and I was wearing my most expensive and favourite shirt. It was ruined beyond repair. I was also late for my date, because I had to go back and change and my back was hurting. Nearly crashing got me thinking too - it seemed that smoking is determined to kill me, one way or another. I decided it was a sign for me to stop smoking. Managed not to smoke only about a week though.

I am happy now that such things cannot happen :D:D:D

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Ha ha, that is a great story!

My experience wasn't quite that bad, but I did have one time where I could smell burning plastic inside the car while I was on the motorway. I pulled into a petrol station and discovered that the cigarette I had thrown out of the window had blown back in and was smoldering a nice big hole in the back carpet.

Thank goodness those types of things can't happen any more.



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