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Champix ?

Hey Again :)

Way back in April I started on these little wonder tablets and managed to quit for at least 2 months. Unfortunately after a little shin dig with friends, I was hooked again.

Although, I was only given the 2 week starter pack as the Doctor didn't like giving the tablets away, as to put it in her own words 'To expensive for the NHS to just giveaway' !!

I never finished the full treatment. The problem I have now is that I really want to quit! I hate it but I am to embarrassed to go back to the Doctors to ask for another subscription.

I have no idea what to do? Do you think I should at least ask again.


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Yep, throw yourself at their mercy. I have had to do the same, several times and had many many lectures. Do you have a Smoking Cessation Nurse there? I have to agree to go to see them every week to get my prescription, which is no big deal because it's a fairly good preventative measure for when I am feeling weak.

Anyway, what are they going to do?...refuse to help you?

Go for it :D



Your health is more important then a little embarssment. Ask definitely or another way might be to call the nurse and see if the doctor can call it in.


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