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No Smoking Day
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7 Weeks Today!

Well, another week over me and here I am at 7 weeks. Really can't believe how quickly this is going, it seems like yesterday I took this choice to stop killing myself! And I can now finally pretty much enjoy a drink and look forward to a night out without upsetting myself that I won't be smoking!

Good luck to every one else - to all the newbies, have strength and belief in yourself that you can do this - because you really can, you just have to hang in there for dear life and it does get easier, believe me :)

To all my classmates of June 2011 - onwards and upwards my friends into our THIRD month :)

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well done blondie, 7 weeks is a huge achievement!!! soon you will be counting in months and wondering how they go by so quickly too! June seems to have been a good time to quit, must be something in the air :)


well done blondie 7 weeks is really great.the time has really flown hasnt it.i hardly think of smoking at all now.roll on month 3;)


A very big well done Blondie 7 weeks!!!!! soon you will be saying 7 months.

To a happy smoke free life.

Maria. x:)



Wonderful News!!!!

With You All The Way.

Time Flies.:)


Well done blondie..7 weeks plus now! such a great inspiration..you seem so happy! and it shows :)


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