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Still quit!

Just popped on as haven't been on here in ages. Have seen some amazing quits from people and was just thinking about mine!

I have totally lost count of how many months exactly but it is three years next March, I don't think about smoking at all any more and can't get my head round why I did it in the first place and why it took me so long to give up!!!

Got a new thing to concentrate on now as am expecting my first baby in November and so very glad it won't be growing up with a smoker as a mummy.


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What a lovely post Moog, it's so nice to here from somebody so far ahead. You say you don't think about it any more, I am 5 months just gone and still think about it occasionally, but not craving. Congratulations on the baby lovely to be a smoke free mummy! and for being quit so long.



Huge well done, moog, and congrats on the baby, too, always good to hear from the 09ers :)


Massive congratulations to you both for the quit and for the bump! That's truly great news and so fantastic that you won't be a stinky mum!

I rarely smoked in front of my kids, but is so nice now to know that I'm not acting as a negative role model any more!

BTW November is a great month to be born in :D


Congratulations Moog. Always great when long term quitters come back... it's an inspiration!

And congratulations on the baby! Good to know you're giving it the best start in life.

All good!! :D


*** congratulations ***

Hi Sam,

Great to see you still quit - seems like ages since all the MMQs started this journey - and we're still going strong. And double congrats for the new addition to your family.

I make it that it is in the region of 28 months quit now - but I admit that I had to stop and do some serious calcuelaytin to work it out!


BTW November is a great month to be born in :D

My little girl is a November baby.... Scorpio, Moog, better watch out :eek:


Congrats, Moog :)

Adding to the general CONGRATS to your quit. Ain't life good :cool:

Don't believe a word of it...

Scorpio, Moog, better watch out :eek:

Best wishes for the happy event :)



Absolutely fantastic! Massive congratulations on both counts moog!!!!


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