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first day no smoking

hiya new to this site and thought it may be a help.

well first day of quitting the fags and went ok apart from dizzy spells from the patches.

did manage to stop smoking couple years ago going cold turkey but started again last year just used personal probs to excuse smoking again.

but now decided to use all the help i can.

as i said first day was ok and good luck to everyone else to

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Hi Harny...well done on your first day done,... heres to day 2 :)


2nd day

hi 2nd day was fine did not have to much of a urge to smoke just routine i.e lunch break but soon passed, so all good so far but not counting my chickens.

i go for a run on weds just wonder if i will feel a bit of difference.

thanks for your supportive message kit kat


u sound good for your 2nd day keep up the positive attitude and u will be fine

u will definately feel the difference wen u run it still amazes me how ill and unenergetic fags made me feel and i didnt realise till i quit


i smoked roll ups about 8-10 a day. as i said previously i stopped cold turkey for year or so but used probs as excuse to smoke again. nurse put me on 25mg patches think they may be to strong but going back on friday is it worth mentioning to have a reduced mg patch or stick with the 25mg as have not had much cravings



Hey Mate,

It sounds like the patches you are on are too strong for you. If they are giving you head spins like the ones you get if you haven't smoked in a while.

I had a similar problem on them and ended up with a worse habit in the end when I failed to quit. I was addicted to a higher level of nicotine than I was before, boooo.

You sound like you're doing well but I'd get some lower strength patches and see if you do ok on those. If they are too week you can always use them in a later stage of your quit journey when you are weaning off the patches.

Keep strong !


You're right!!

Get all the help you can. Im new as well and this is my 5th day not smoking!!!

Never thought I'd get this far after 45 yrs of smoking.

Champix is helping but I'm getting regular dreams and broken sleep. I got up at 4-30am todayand now feel a bit wrecked!!

Keep it up and let us know how you're doin'


Hey guys,

Missed this so I want to say welcome. I don't have any experience of patches but it does sound like you are getting nicotine rushes from too much so as advised maybe get that reassesed. Julie, I had terrible sleep problems at the beginning, same as you, bad dreams and broken sleep, mine actually lasted longer than some others but I found that squirting lavender spray on my pillow and also taking a kalm before bed really helped. You's are doing fantastically well. Keep it up.

O P.S those sleep problems will stop shortly, apparantley it is to do with the increased oxygen going to your brain makes you think wacky thoughts.

Jill xx


well 3rd day came and passed and head and dizzy spells was not as bad as mon.

felt like a cigarette today but thought positive and it passed.

went for a run today and felt bit better than when i went for run last week my chest did not feel that tight.prob phsycological cos its only been 3rd day but trying to take all the positives i can at the moment.

going to see smoking cessation nurse friday and will mention about patches being that bit stronger

thanks for all the kind words and advice people have posted it truely helps.


People who pretend that we are going to quit smoking in the start.I believe they can not.If someone has the determination , he or she should leave it silently.


Say what now???


People who pretend that we are going to quit smoking in the start.I believe they can not.If someone has the determination , he or she should leave it silently.

Yeah, I agree with what you are saying. Some people always say that they want to quit or are going to quit but never seem to start whereas I just stopped without saying it before and I aren't going around boasting about it but I tell people when it naturally pops up in conversation.


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