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A little afraid to continue quit

Well I've been observing reactions of people here in this forum and I found something that troubles me. It seems that people that quit for more than 1 month suffer from the so called "complete-lack-of-sense-of-humor" disease.

It seem that after all the trouble they've had while quiting, they are now so tense that they response aggressive and rude to harmless people. That increases the overall tension, instead of relieving it and promotes bad behaviour.

I may not be a well-educated english man and I quited just 1 month ago but I can tell you 2 things:

1. I think around 2/3 of a successful quit is due to having a positive attitude. I haven't read Alan Carr's book, but I think he says something similar.

2. In order to help a person you have to put yourself in his shoes. If a person wants to be judged he will go to a courtroom. In forums I think that translates into calming down the raging one, listening to the nervous one and advising the confused. An example I can give you if that (me included) a lot of people have been behaving bad even with their family and closest friends. However, with them you don't break your relations, you don't call them stupid and so on and so forth.

I think quiting smoking communities should not be "a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye".

If you are positive(1) and put yourself in other's shoes(2) you can even reply to the rude posts positively, you can asks for the reasons, calm peope down and help yourself and others. I think aggression borns only more aggression, but the good part is that kindness can bring happiness and meaning

I know that quiting can cause a lot of stress and change peoples normal behaviour, but I would rather smoke than be a bad person...

Thats why I am a little afraid to continue my quit, but hey if I ever feel that I am turning that way I can always start smoking again.

Hoping I have been clear enough in expressing my opinion.

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Hey Ninetails,

To be blatantly honest, I think you rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way with all the sex and toilet talk. If you can tone it down a notch (or three :D) and focus on the quit, I doubt anyone will have a problem.

Maybe you could spend some time observing how other people behave, and then join in the conversations once you get used to the style here.

Believe me, I came on the forum wearing concrete boots and stepped all over everyone... And I'm still suffering mildly from the results today...



I agree with Alex (never thought I'd say that :D)

I dont think we have all lost our sense of humour but this isnt any place for the sexual stuff - Im not a prude but there are other sites for that, not a no smoking forum - I wish you well with your quit



people are different no matter what! im 6 months quit and i still have a sense of humor. i really dont know what the exact issue was but what some people think is funny, other thinks its not!

im a pretty easy going person and dont take offence easily but if i do i simply move on to the people that are helpful to me and that i can offer some help to as well! there are plenty of great people on here and they have gotten me through when i thought i couldnt carry on anymore so im loving this forum and loving being quit...the stresses of quitting is nothing compared to the stresses on cancer so i will press on//all the best of luck to all in their journey!


I also agree with Alex,he did wear concrete boots when he first joined the forum but is now a supportive member.

You will not find a better place to help you with quitting smoking, but you do have to bear in mind that not every one has the same sense of humour and to an extent we all have to consider others feeling when creating threads and posts,

I wish you well in your quit and hope that you will take some of the advice given in this thread to help you also become a supportive user.

I hope that you will have a long and easy quit taking you straight up to the Penthouse.


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