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Champix -Epic Fail :-(


I am on day 18 of Champix and still smoking. My quit day was day 12, but the day before this myself and my partner split up. I feel so stressed I dont seem to be able to stop, even though I'm not particularly enjoying them that much anymore. I dont know what to do for the best, all I get from the stop smoking service is 'come back next week'. On top of all this I'm not sleeping! Do I percivere or abandon it until I'm in a better place?? Feel like a complete failure! x

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Oh you poor thing - you've got so much going on at once!

All you can do is deal with one thing at a time and I am not surprised a relationship split has thrown you off course - it's bound to!

I think you can try one of two approaches - keep taking the tablets, don't think about it or worry about it, just wait for the moment when you think - ugh - i don't want that cigarette! Just have faith that it will come and think about how proud of yourself you will be when it finally does arrive! I don't know a lot about the side effects but I would bet that taking the tablets, plus still smoking, plus having such a stressful time equals sleepless nights!

The other approach is to get all proactive. Arm yourself with all the information you can find about smoking and quitting, look into other remedies, set a day and work yourself up to it - what ever you think might work for you.

My husband is on Champix and is still smoking after about 4 weeks (yes, honestly!). It just doesn't seem to be clicking in place for him and he cannot blame stress because he lives with me and i am an angel :p

He's decided he is going to try hypnotherapy to try and bolster his resolve. It isn't for everyone, but might be worth looking into as it might give you that kick start you need.

Most importantly, you need to be kind to yourself and eat lots of chocolate, talk to good friends and sing lots of gloria gaynor x


Yes you are right. I'm kicking myself - I was so motivated 2 weeks ago but obviously didn't see this coming! I'll drag myself the the smoking clinic AGAIN tomorrow and see what they say. They have told me not to take sleeping tablets with the Champix, but I was naughty last night and did as I couldnt manage another sleepless night driving myself mad - and I actually slept better, there must be a reason for her advising not to do so though?

Yes, there has been lots of chocolate, talking, crying and too much wine to mention!

Thanks for your advice x


I spent 22 days on Champix and had planned to give up on day 14. I have given up for 4 days now, not as easy as I had hoped. But nowhere near as hard as previous CT attempts. Keep on the tablets and choose another date maybe in 2 more weeks. My cessation nurse was not impressed with me still smoking after 22 days. She gave me a carbon monoxide reading which hit the top of the scale. This gave me further incentive to try and stop. I wish you well.


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