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No Smoking Day
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Getting a bit nervous

Day 22 today and doing fine but am just getting a bit anxious about next week as am going to France where smoking is almost compulsory! I’m wondering how I’ll cope when sitting in pavement cafes watching people smoke & drink in the sunshine – much more tempting than watching people standing outside the shopping centre in the rain here.

This was my downfall last time I quit, 3 years ago.

Three weeks, 16 hours, 48 minutes and 1 second. 651 cigarettes not smoked, saving £227.85. Life saved: 2 days, 6 hours, 15 minutes.

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And many of those smokers probably wish they were in YOUR SHOES!!!!


It's easy to envy something you don't have or 'can't do'.... the thing is to think about it differently, don't think you are deprived of something (that will get you every time) but remind yourself how lucky you are to be free of this habit that you had to feed and nurture day in day out.... whilst in the midst of detoxing and getting over your addiction it may be hard to think you are 'lucky' so maybe write down all your reasons for quitting, have someone to talk to when you are feeling the temptation, deep breathing, any kind of relaxation technique that works for you.

You've come pretty far in your quit already and I doubt you want to repeat those first 3 weeks again! That thought is what kept me going, that plus knowing that when I push through the struggles eventually it will get easy.... I now reap the benefits, being quit is easy and wonderful. So stick with it no matter how much your brain is trying to trick you into thinking you are missing out on something! You are not! Whilst for now you may envy those smokers, just remember that ALL of them wish they were non-smokers, too. bella x


Hi frenchkiss,...22days is so good! you should feel very proud of yourself:)

Have a lovely time in france, im sure you will do great. Good luck :)


Thanks for the comments and you are right - here I was worrying about the fact that I have 'given up' something when I haven't, I've 'gained' something (not always easy to remember!!). Instead of envying the attractive younger ones I'll concentrate on the wrinkly old smokers and remember that I have CHOSEN not to end up like that!


Frenchkiss I quit last year for three months and it was a weekend away that put me back on them - I basically said to myself "sure I'll just smoke this weekend and go back off them when I get back". And yes, you've guessed it - I was back on them with a vengeance and smoked for another year and a half before I wised up to myself and quit for good three odd weeks ago. Just be strong, think of these three weeks you've got under your belt and don't for one second think that'll you can just "have the one" because you honestly can't.

Good luck and Just Say No :) xx


hi frenchkiss we have the same quit day!! im sure you will be fine when you go away just think of all the hard work you have already done, you do not want to undo it by having just one ciggerette! hope to hear positive things when you return you can do it!! :)


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