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Withdrawal symptoms slightly easing

The Ferocity of the withdrawal symptoms are now not as severe as they were in the first 48 hours after quitting. The lozenges still give me the hiccups but that's because, instead of allowing them to dissolve as per the instructions for using them. I seem to have convinced myself that as with other sweets and mints that I am meant to suck. It's most likely an auto response on my part.

The Heart burn that caused so much discomfort when I was a smoker has gone. Just like that, so I know now that it was smoking that was punishing my Oesophagus. And as an added bonus, I read that even after just 48 hours of smoking cessation, My risk of a heart attack are falling, and let's face it, at 48 years old and male plus being a smoker, I did fall into the right demographic range.

The sleep was better last night. I think I am detoxing well as the sweat's are also easing off now. I guess those first 48 hours are really the very worst. I don't for one moment think it's over with regard to the withdrawal symptoms but I do hope that with each passing day and the help of the lozenges that the cravings will gradually continue to decrease in their intensity. It certainly feels as if I am over the worst of those cravings anyway.:)

Many thanks for the continued support. It's like therapy coming on here and writing down my thoughts and experiences.

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Neville I used the mini lozenges for 2 weeks and they were an absolute Godsend for me, I couldn't have done it without them. And you are right, you need to swish them round your mouth rather than suck them :)

I'm into my third week now, haven't had a lozenge since last Saturday (I took a couple cause I was having a beer to take the edge off) and can honestly say I don't think I need them at all now. I'm still getting cravings but they are not as unbearable as they used to be. Good luck to you, it really does get easier with every passing day, as every successful quitter on this forum will tell you :)


Nev - every day is progress, your body basically goes through so many changes when it's in recovery !

There'll be coughs, dizzyness, sleep disruption and a host of other symptons but they will ease, and as you've already realised your risk of heart attack is reducing. There's a chart I had up in the early days that detailed all the health benefits of giving up smoking by day/week, I found it quite useful in my first couple of weeks, something of a reminder why I decided to give up.

Use whatever methods suit, good luck


Best Wishes For Your Quit Neville.Be strong during these early days.Its not all plain sailing for a little while yet...but every day without a cigarette is the way forward(one day at a time).


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