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One huge struggle today

My god, after this much time you would have thought i'd be over the worse.

Today is proving a tough one. I 'want' something still and can not satisfy that 'want' with anything at all.

I have picked my finger nails until they are now so short they hurt.

I've done my washing and ironing, even ironing the tea towels. :eek:

And eaten so much of everything i feel physically sick :D (Thats such a piglet thing to fess up to.)

All i really want to do is go and have a nice warm bath with lots of bubbles and a good book. Once i feel clean and fresh i wont want the thing i think i want.

But noooo i have to wait for a delivery man. 8am till 8pm bleeding hell. He hasn't ever given up smoking before has he???


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Karen you are still early in your quit, so you will still get days, I do and I am over three months. It will get better have that nice bubble bath after you deserve it.

Stick with it you can do it.

Maria. x:)


Thanks Maria.

I'm really feeling sorry for myself today and feel like a spoilt child. It's just so hard sometimes :o

God help the delivery man when he gets here lol


Stay strong hun, know what you mean though its scary when it takes over, I'm like something possessed in a horror film. Gets easier, I wanted one today, threw a stop and went to Asda took a sniff of the smokers and swore I would never allow myself to smell like that. Bought wine and chocolate and got home much happier! Do whatever it takes to get you through xxx


LOL at going to Asda to smell the smokers - I've done that too (and shopping obviously)!!! Certainly does the trick and I am thinking of going every day on my way home from now on ;)


Works for me, our one is small and packed, its not the same strength of stench at the Tesco superstore!


Hi KarenX

What I meant to post first was that I have yet to experience the heady heights of 1 month, 3 weeks and 3 days but in my opinion you are doing fantastically well ;)

You're so far ahead of me that I don't feel qualified to give you advice but I will say that I think a post by you was the first I ever read here - and that's why I wanted to join... I saw your signature about making your kids proud and not letting your kids down and I was so impressed and touched that I wanted to be a part of this place.

I sincerely hope that you managed to struggle through today okay and that tomorrow is a better day :)


Works for me, our one is small and packed, its not the same strength of stench at the Tesco superstore!

Best 'hit' I've found is the local hospital - A&E and Outpatients next to one another smells foul ;)


Oh my i totally understand where you are at. Iv been off the patches now for4 day and oh dear oh dear. My voice has increased by about 50 decibels. Im angry as hell, dont know what to do with myself.

And yes iv ironed the tea towels and boxers. as if lol

the slightest thing irritates me. Im gonna have no friends or family left at this rate, they are going to hate me.

But i smell nice and fresh hahahaha

All we can do is hope that it gets easier


Works for me, our one is small and packed, its not the same strength of stench at the Tesco superstore!

I can honestly say i'd never even thought of that. Thats a really good idea.

Thats just reminded me. 2 weeks into my quit i was in the post office queue behind an elderly couple. The man had obviously just been outside for a fag.

I thought i was going to be sick! :eek:

That sounds like i'm exaggerating but for some reason it was getting right in the pit of my stomach. It wasn't just the initial smell though, obviously they didn't have young children at home so they had been smoking in their house and it had gone stale.

Oh my god it was horrible.

They seems like such nice respectable people though and i felt terrible but i had to stand back from them and turn the other way willing the queue to go quicker.

That was the day i was so ashamed thinking other people could have been like that with me and i didn't know.

WOW, it's worked. Remembering that time has given me a bit of a kick up the bum and i feel all postive again now :D



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