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Day 10

Hi all,

I've made it to day 10 and what a bad day it has been. I have had a couple of fairly long quits before but failed at around 3-4 months each time.

I now have a 9 week old son and although I have never smoked in doors I do not want him breathing in any of the rubbish on my clothes or the smoke blowing in from outside.

I have gone from 20 a day cold turkey, and so far things have been going as expected. Only real difference I have found is the first few days seemed easier this time round than they have done in the past.

As I said today has not been a good day, the drive to work was hurrendous, the phone I ordered to cheer myself up was sent by guaranteed delivery to be here by 1pm and I have now been told it is delayed and won't be delivered until tomorrow, I'm supposed to be picking my gf up from shopping at 4 but she's not even back yet.

Just getting really worked up :mad:

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Hi Adam - well done for getting this far. Cold turkey has to be the hardest but best way of doing it - you should be very proud of yourself.

You will know better than anyone that you can feel very wound up and anxious when you quit - it's all part of the experience and no doubt there will be other fellow quitters on later who will be able to sympathise with you!

Congratulations on the baby and good news that you want to quit for him. I did read that although smoking outside is far better, the bad stuff clings to you when you come in and can still have an effect on the child. Don't want to sound preachy, just sharing what i have read about the subject. I thought that my daughter was ok for me to smoke around her once she was a toddler so i am in no position to talk at all!

I hope your quit gets beter with each day. Was there a common reason why it failed before? Have you a strategy for overcoming it?



Good days and bad days my friend.

I too found the first few days easy but there are some tough ones to come I'm afraid.

Life will always throw these little challenges at you, the brain is clever enough to deal with them and doesn't need nicotine but the brain needs re-training to forget that cigarettes were ever a part of your life.

Good luck, I wish you well


Thanks to both of you for the kind words.

I guess I'm worrying already about how I will cope when the 3-4 month time comes round again.

I think the problem lies in me knowing I still enjoyed smoking. After 3 months it wasn't about nicotine or habit, I just really missed it. I also used things like arguments and stressful situations to justify why I should start again.

I'm hoping this time my son will be enough to make me stick at it.

By the time I finished work and went to pick my gf up last night, I was ready to blow. When I got there and picked my little boy up it was the exact same feeling of relief I got from having a cigarette (sounds cheesy and I always thought people exagerated how good their kids make them feel)

One day at a time I guess :)


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