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I'm not dealing with my addiction

Ok heres the thing, I just finished all my patches, I don't need em now. But I am now addicted to Super Noodles, sweets and chocolate and spending money (that I don't have). So I am a happy non smoker, but I've not addressed why i need to have something to be addicted to i need a kick from something? if anyone has been feeling the same or has some good links / advice. I would be glad of any help

Cheers as always


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thanks, I know it's not crack but i don't want to end up fat and back on the smokes hopefully that won't happen.



Hi Nicky,

It's not unusual to replace one negative habit with another, eg bad comfort foods, over eating / drinking, spending etc etc. Some folk just have a tendency that way. However knowing if one is that way inclined is good and should help you move on and away from the downside of negative replacement.

If you are the kind of person that needs a habit or an addiction to feed on a regular basis then your best trying to replace the negative with a positive.

Something that is of benefit both to you mentally and physically, something you will enjoy doing and get a kick from, even :)

Eating and drinking were my early replacements. Once my quit felt more solid and my craves/wants reduced I took up cycling and then Pilate's. Metabolism slows down in a lot of folk once quit .... find a way to speed it up again and that'll help with the over eating of crap foods.

I wish I had begun exercising earlier ... I have also dusted off my archery and kick boxing equipment. The extra time gained from not smoking can reap many rewards ...... home grown veg :)

Nothing wrong in addictions .... it what the addiction is that matters ;)

Hope that makes sense.

All the best to you

Pol :)


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