No Smoking Day
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6 months....HELL YEAH!!

I hit 6 months smoke-free at 11.30pm on Friday night....SIX WHOLE MONTHS!!!! Wow!

I seriously never thought i'd make it this far - even at 3/4 months it seemed like it would be impossible to get to half a year. BUT I DID IT!! :)

Quitting smoking is the single best decision i have ever made in my life. My proudest acheivement. And the hardest thing i've ever done.

I've not been on the forum for a while cos of work and wedding planning but just wanted to drop by to say hi and to say "6 months, woo hoo!" and to offer some encouragement to everyone else going through this journey....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


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Well done !!!! Jen, congrats to you so glad you made it and nice of you to post to show us all it can be done.

Have a happy smoke free life Maria.:)


Marvelous Jenni and congratulations. If the wedding planning is your own, congratulations too!



yea baby!!!! big huge congrats on making 6 months...hope your smiling from ear to ear :)


Well done yeahhhhhh!!!!!!


Excellent job, and WELL DONE!!!




Hi Hun

Just wanted to add in my congrats and well done too. 6 months, half way there now to that first full year and half way to the Penthouse.

Keep up the good work and again........................ WELL DONE from me ;)


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