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Diary of 4 months Quit (PART 2)

....cont from "Diary of 4 months Quit (PART 1)" (

Day 23 -

Had bad cravings during the day time but they went off by evening. Sleep still being disturbed. The cravings are telling me to smoke but every other bit of me says 'NO WAY' so the majority is ruling....... so far!!!

Day 24 -

Another bad craving day, ate far too many sweets and cake, in fact anything sugary.

Day 25 -

Dreamt of ciggies last night (when i did sleep), edgy again today, thought cravings would have subsided by now . I suppose the number of cravings haven't dwindled much but maybe the intensity has.

Day 26 -

Felt quite good last night, little cravings, slept better (although still woke many times fleetingly). Sun is shining today so always makes me feel better. Have been talking to peeps on the No Smoking Day forum a lot, it really helps to talk to (and help) others in the same situation. Not used the Nicorette Inhalator much, maybe 6 times (about 5 puffs each time) in as many days, only using it as a 'comfort blanket' really but know it'll have to go soon. Decided i'll keep daily blog until i've completed 1 month and then update on monthly basis.

Day 27 -

Had bad cravings late last night and some this morning but managed to fight them off. Thought i would have felt fitter by now but don't much, maybe i was too fit already ;-) . Voice started to go husky about a week ago, feels like i have a sexy voice but i believe it’s part of what happens as the lungs start to clear.

Day 28 -

Tough day for cravings again today, don't really want to talk to anyone.

Day 29 -

Morning was hard with the cravings but afternoon got better. Had bottle of wine last night which knocked edge of any cravings.

Day 30 -

Wow, only realised in the afternoon that hadn't thought about cigarettes all day, only very minor cravings that were quickly dismissed, sleep still disruptive though.

Day 31 -

Yippee!!!!, first full calendar month of being a non-smoker!!!, feel really proud of myself , no cravings yet today, damn sleep pattern still not good though.

To summarise my first smoke free month then i'd say it's been one of the most mentally exhausting things i've done, constantly having a mental fight between my conscious and subconscious has really taken it out of me, add this to the physical side of lack of sleep then it's left me completely knackered ............ but well worth it . Roll on month 2.


Day 60 (2 months in) -

Wow, i'd never thought i'd ever see the day when i've not had a ciggie for 2 months!!!, well done me. It's not been an easy ride......... and not one i'd like to ride again. The cravings have been extremely bad for the past 2 weeks, the mood swings only exasperate the cravings and the lack of sleep has only just started to diminish ie i can go a max of 4hrs without waking up now .......... but do tend to get back to sleep easier .

Other smokers smoke, clothes and breath still repulse me which helps to reinforce my quit resolve.

There have been a few times in the last month when i could have caved in and had a ciggie but the sensible side of me (even i didn't know i had one of those ) tells me it's all in my mind, i wouldn't enjoy it and would regret it considerably.

It's a shame to see others that had quit at the same time as me fall by the wayside and relapse into smoking again but i'm sure once they've ironed out their demons they'll be ready to fight the quit battle again. In summary for this month then it's been a hard fight.

The enemy has weakened but not enough for me to relax yet. I've got to stay strong & focused until the enemy is crushed before i finally reach "Infinity & Beyond"


3 Months -

Well i'm now into month 4 after completing 3 months of being a non-smoker yesterday. After my last update i had about 10 days of serious battles with Mr Nicodemon but the constant supply of Tesco's cheap Midget Gems, Eclairs and Dairy Toffee kept the little swine at bay.

My biggest hurdle has been my 2 camping trips this month as i always found sitting outside the tent with a beer and cigarette one of the most relaxing aspects of camping but alas that can now only be a memory . I must admit i did find it hard but the more alchohol i guzzled the more all thoughts of cigarettes were sent to oblivion and so managed to survive the hurdle........ and to be honest now i've experienced it i know i'll be fine for the next camping trip............i hope! .

Everything about smoking now repulses me BUT i know there's still a little demon inside me somewhere quietly planning and scheming their next attack so i can't ever rest on my laurels and will have to stay vigilant for some time to come yet. Onwards and upwards!


4 Months past -

Now into the 3rd day of my 5th month. Looking back it's gone quick...........but they say life does as you get older!:rolleyes:

It's been a very hard month with the craves, put half a stone on (all in one place around my gut! ) as been eating far too many sweeties.

I think the craves have been bad this month because of the nice weather as it has triggered memories of relaxation sitting in the garden in the sun having a beer and a ciggie, sheer bliss!......... or that's how the memory portrays it.

I suppose there will be many such triggers of memories over the coming months but knowing they're coming then i'm think i can cope, "forewarned is forearmed" they say and really they're only memories of a 'orrible habit that i once had.

Note: Nicorette Inhalator went in the bin about 6 weeks ago.

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Thank you Camper Pete,

It sounds off, but it really does bring comfort to read about others pain and suffering and the heaps of hope and joy to hear how they came through to the other side.

Have a wonderful day.



no wonder you spent half of it pissed :eek::eek:

Yep, most of it was a blur but what a way to spend the time :D

I knew my quit would be hard but i also knew in my heart that i didn't want to smoke anymore and this quit would be's just my head wouldn't accept the fact :rolleyes:


Thanks for this Pete, good to see others have some tough days too! Happy to be following in your footsteps, now pass the wine :D


Wow Camperpete! .......4 months of hell :eek: but ur here and done it!

congratulations on your 4 month milestone ...almost half a year already :) still think of you as a new one. ....time does fly ...quite right :)


Well done Pete

Hi Camper Pete, Crystal here [October quit group] Sorry to say that I started smoking again 4 weeks ago,my sleeping problems were worse and I was getting really depressed so I caved in and bought some cigs and have been sleeping well ever since. I had been stopped 24 weeks and had lost hope of getting my sleep back but I think I was just really unlucky as it seems to be be very rare to have insomnia that long. Have been reading everyones posts now and again and hopefully I will try again when I feel stronger. All the best

Crystal x


Just found this Pete....... Lets me know the sorts of things to prepare for :)

You are just like a scount leader heh

you know I'm really proud of you as you aproch your 1st anniversary :)

Now make me a cuppa! :P

Woo x


How many sugars Shaz ;)

Seriously though Shaz, that was my personal journey and as such others may not have the same experiences/symptoms so please don't fret of what's to come as yours will probably differ.........but if not, then at least you know someone else went through the pain and survived so it can't be that bad ;):D

Keep at it Shaz, i'm proud of you too..... and your fighting spirit :)


Great read for sure.... very similar to my experience although maybe a tad more intense... I think having to wean off the nrt's may prolong the journey some and add to the poor sleep. I for one think the difficulties in the beginning add to potential future success.... who would want to have a repeat of that!! There are craves, irritability, lack of sleep, depression, and other symptoms to battle but we got ourselves into this mess and have to cross some hurdles to become free again. It's worth it because in a relatively short amount of time all this suffering is totally gone. It's so damn good to be a non smoker.... even to this day I still get tickled by how great it is to be free.

Ha, sorry for the rant.... almost a year for you, Pete, well done ;)


Thanks Bella, the early days of suffering do seem so far away but not far enough for me to still remember the pain.

I never want to go back that's for sure........No retreat, No surrender! :D


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