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yey over a month

hey guys - so sorry I have not posted in a few weeks - been rather busy with work and up and down the country.

Great news is I hit 4 weeks last Friday and am feeling great - I have also been off the patches since Last Thursday and feeling rather fab.

Did go out Friday and Saturday - lots of people smoking and I can say It did nt bother me one bit. Itys not smooth sailing but its far better than I thought it wud be. Got bit of sore tongue and gums atm - dentist says thats owing to my gums not being protected by nicotine.

Hope all my other buddys are doing great and hope to hear from you all soon

best wishes always

aaron x

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congrats aaron..seems like you are doing great!! keep it up...


Well done Aaron,

Just over the 6 week mark myself, still on the 14mg patches, but all is going ok at the moment


you should be posting in month 2 then. Well done on your quit.


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