Day 1

Hi everyone, I fell off last night/this morning so I'm back to day 1. This morning when I got up I put a patch on, then took it off had 3 cigs which tasted horrible, then put another patch on at around 12 o clock. I'm definately not comin off the patches to early this time so hopefully I'll learn from that. So yeah I'm glad I'm back on my quit and I'm taking it an hour at a time for the moment, but I'm doing ok :)


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  • Well done for getting straight back on it and learning from your mistake, very best of luck this time :D

  • Thanks guys, I feel really tired at the moment and I've got a bit of an headache, I never usually get headaches. I'm going to make a cup of tea hopefully that will perk me up a bit. I definately don't want to smoke anyway :)


  • daniel

    What was it that made you come off ?

    If it was a specific situation then maybe you can maybe avoid or prepare for next time. I made a list of the moments I knew I would be weaker and more likely to fold - some of those situations haven't worried me at all but one or two have been difficult, I guess it comes back to the list you're encouraged to write on what cigs you expect to miss the most.

    I got through the weekend and was half expecting a 'fall off' as I was out drinking Sat night and that is a situation I know will test my resolve fully, Saturdays battle was won with the aid of 3 bags of crisps but I'm alot less worried about a small increase in calorie and fat intake than I am about smoking related illnesses.

    Good luck !

  • Hi Horse, I came off the patches too soon, I was struggling all day then gave in about 9.30 pm but I'll learn from it stay on on the patches longer this time.

  • Good luck daniel, keep at it

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