No Smoking Day
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Day 6

Nearly a week! Feeling very good about myself but i do not look good! My skin is starting to break out, i look very tired and i have a rash! ha ha! That nicotine monster is trying his best to make me crack! Unfortunately my husband has succumbed and has said he will do it in his own time and his own way. I actually feel sorry for him because he isn't where i am mentally and i can't do it for him. He has hidden some fags and although i know where they are because i am married to him and i know all his hiding places, i won't be tempted. I'm going to go shopping later with my friend and buy all the foods i wouldn't normally allow myself to eat, as a great big treat to myself for coming this far. I am already quite overweight - piled on loads after the stress of the wedding was over - i know today and tomorrow are not the days to tackle it. One thing at a time!

I have read loads of the posts on here and find them truly inspirational. Helps me become even more determined that i will not let myself down on this.

Hope everyone else is getting on ok :)

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Congrats on making a week, well done.

As a man I don't look at the mirror for any length of time so can't tell you how the spot situation is (I once went 3 weeks of my wife having her hair cut savagely short without me realising so I'm not a great judge on noticing stuff in life....).

Forget the side effects, I've come to the conclusion that being smoke free is better than anything else you're experiencing so stick with it and suffer the elements, it will work itself out and you will be a winner in the end....


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