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Newbie here looking for some advice!

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently on Day 5 of stopping smoking, so far so good but as its Friday its starting to get tougher! I'm dreading the thought of the weekend ahead as it will involve alcohol and i think my cravings will become worse!

Any advice on how to deal with this? I also look forward to the weekend for a glass of wine and a smoke :(

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Hi Mrs Mash ;)

Are you supplementing your quit with NRT ie patches, inhalator etc?

If the answer is yes then take an inhalator along and use it only (and i mean only) when you can't stand the cravings (if they occur).

Try to not use it all the time as a replacement ciggie as you're not breaking the habitually side of smoking (which is the really hard one to break).

The first week of my quit i had 3 nights planned of drinking and was dreading it BUT i found i had nothing to worry about as the smell of the smoke (and smokers) repulsed me and the alchohol seemed to put me on a happy plain where the craves didn't bother me (slight niggle but nothing more).

Think i about 6 puffs on my inhalator in total over those 3 nights (haven't even carried one in my pocket for a long time now).

If you've gone cold turkey and you're really worried then do as Karri says and wait until you feel stronger before attending such occasions OR look at it as a challenge and just go for it with the thought "If i do this i've cracked it" and when you've done it once you can do it again and again.

Either way just don't overdo the alchohol as getting smashed off your face reduces your resolve......... but on the bright side then in the morning you may not remember you've smoked the night before :D


Grrrm, be careful with the alcohol!!:)

Very careful.

For me , alcohol and cigarettes go together, and I love smoking with drinking. In my biggest sixmonth quit i taught myself to do drinking without cigarettes, but it's not as pleasurable, and if you get drunk cigs wll start calling your name very loudly and you probably won't have the willpower to say no.

Guess it depends on the ersn, but for me the two are very linked, and a combined problem of having alcohol witout wanting ciggies with it, is difficult. I don't enjoy alcohol half as much without fags, and the fags are muc more ejoyable with alcohol if that makes sense.


Hahaha! I'm using patches and the inhaler. Thanks for the advice :D


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