No Smoking Day
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Ive just completed 2 months

On day 17 my flat was flooded, and I've been living in and out of hotels, living with no plaster on my walls, no carpets, heating on and dehumidifiers screaming in my ears for the last 7 weeks.

I refused to cave in. Yesterday i completed two months, and as a surprise found out my flat is dry. I can now start to move everything back in.:D

Now that ive stopped smoking, ive convinced myself i will no longer need it, and have comitted my smoking money towards monthly payments for a car.

Its taken two months to realise im finally done.

The final nail in the smoking coffin. The money has been committed to a car;)

Its funny, i'd still like a ciggie. But the longer you go without one the clearer my head becomes.

I cant, and never will go back. And im better for it.

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A big well done on two months, we both know there is still a long way to go but you have came through the worst. There will still be times like trigger times you will have to watch out for but it sounds like you already well on your way to quitting.

Keep it up.


Ps whatcar is it? Ferrari?


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